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There is no doubt that we live in challenging times, with electricity and heating prices constantly rising. Companies go bankrupt every day because of the price of electricity and heat, and if the company is financially strong enough not to go bankrupt, it just really hurts the bottom line.

So the logical choice is to do what you can to save heat and power. But how can you do this without affecting employees? The answer is MyDesk. In addition to supporting the flexible workplace, MyDesk also provides the company with invaluable insight into how employees use the workplace, which opens up great optimisation opportunities.

The environmentally and economically right choice

So there is no doubt that optimising your heating and electricity consumption is the right economic choice. Apart from that, it is of course also important to mention that it is also the environmentally friendly choice.

But the big question, of course, is how can MyDesk help your business cut back on its consumption?

How can MyDesk help your business save power and water?

Typically, companies choose to use MyDesk because they have moved to the flexible workplace and thus need a system that can ensure that the flexible workplace will work.

An example could be Codan’s CEO, Christian Baltzer, who has stated:

"We bought the tool to make a new everyday life without fixed workspaces work in the long term. We believe that flexibility allows for greater knowledge sharing and collaboration across the organisation.

In addition to the flexibility and freedom that the flexible workplace combined with MyDesk provides, it also gives the company data and insight into how employees use the office. This insight and data creates great opportunities for workplace optimisation.

Read more about our Workplace Analytics system here.

Desk booking and meeting room booking – Easy for employees

Some of the main features of MyDesk are of course desk booking and meeting room booking. These functions are fundamental to the functioning of the flexible workplace.

With these features, employees can easily and quickly choose which days they want to come into the office, where they want to sit and who they want to sit next to. When they book a desk, they can also quickly add food in the canteen and reserve a parking space. All this ensures a good flow for the employees and that the new working model will be liberating instead of confusing.

IoT Sensors – Optimising the workplace

Our microsensors, which are optional when using MyDesk, open up endless possibilities for workplace optimisation.

They are no larger than a 2×2 Lego block and only 0.2 mm thick. Furthermore, they have a battery life of 15 years and only take a few seconds to install.

The sensors can be used, among other things, to optimize cleaning, as they can collect data for cleaning staff on which offices, meeting rooms, toilets, etc. have not been used and thus do not need to be cleaned. In addition, the sensors are also pressure-sensitive, which means they can also be used for documentation of where cleaning has been done. The cleaning staff can simply press a sensor, after which time and data are recorded.

If your company has departments or areas that need to be optimized, the possibilities are endless with our sensors.

Cafeteria management – Avoid food waste

Another place where MyDesk can really help with optimization is in the cafeteria. Most corporate cafeterias prepare food for all their employees despite knowing that about 30% of the employees are not in the office. This leads to huge food waste every single day.

With MyDesk, employees can easily and quickly choose whether they want to eat in the cafeteria when they book a desk. Thus, the cafeteria knows exactly how many people they need to prepare food for and can completely avoid food waste.

Insights and data that can be used for optimization

All these features, and more, result in insights and data about the company, which we gather in a user-friendly dashboard that gives you endless opportunities for optimization. If you would like to dive even deeper into this data than what you can see on the dashboard, we can also send customized PowerBI reports.

Typical example of optimizing of an office building

Data from our customers when they first started using MyDesk shows that an office workspace is empty on average 40% of the time. Despite this, employees have experienced a shortage of desk space at the company.

This also means that not only has the company used electricity and heat on many empty workspaces, but they have also felt pressure to expand their office facilities from employees, which will only result in more expenses.

The truth is, however, that there is usually no shortage of workspaces There is simply a lack of a system that can ensure a good flow and good utilization of the workspaces that the company has at its disposal. This is precisely what MyDesk can provide.

All-in-one platform for the modern company

MyDesk is an all-in-one platform that contains everything your company needs to manage and get the most out of the workplace of the future. MyDesk supports many other functions in addition to Workplace Analytics.

In addition to Workplace Analytics, MyDesk also supports:

There are many other features than just Workplace Analytics. You can read more about everything you can do with MyDesk here.

Contact us and get a non-binding demo of MyDesk

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