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Are you looking for an easy-to-use and intuitive booking system for desk booking, meeting room booking and more? A booking system that you can easily use in collaboration with Microsoft Outlook? Then MyDesk is the system you’re looking for.

MyDesk – Intelligent management of the workplace of the future

MyDesk is a Danish platform designed for efficient management of modern, flexible workplaces. MyDesk supports the flexible workplace and gives businesses all the tools they need – all in one place.

With MyDesk you can:

  • Book desks and workspaces at your company
  • Book meeting rooms and catering for the meeting rooms
  • Book a parking space and electric car charger
  • Book food in the canteen
  • Give guests a warm welcome with guest registration
  • Get analytics and insights into how employees use workplaces

Visual overview of the company’s office building

All of these features are brought together in an intuitive and user-friendly platform that employees can easily use. It is possible to use MyDesk both on the desktop and via the app, which employees can download on their phone.

When an employee wants to book a desk, they do so through a great visual overview of the office, making it quick and easy to book a desk. It’s also super easy to add food in the canteen and a parking space at the company.

MyDesk works with Outlook

Are your employees used to using Outlook to book meeting rooms? Then it’s no problem. MyDesk integrates seamlessly with Outlook, so employees can continue doing what they’re used to, while gaining access to a wealth of new features.

MyDesk – The economical and environmentally friendly choice

MyDesk is both the economical and environmentally friendly choice. With MyDesk, you get invaluable analytics and insights into your business that allow you to optimize your office building.

For example, did you know that the average office workplace is empty 40% of the time? Or that corporate canteens cook for all the company’s employees, knowing that 30% of employees won’t be eating in the canteen that day? These are just a few examples of situations where companies use power, heat and food when they don’t need to.

In addition, many companies are having to expand their facilities because employees feel there is a lack of seating. In reality, however, this is rarely the case. It’s not a lack of jobs, but a lack of a system that ensures efficient utilization of the jobs that the company does have.

MyDesk solves all these problems with its valuable analytics and insights feature, giving you everything you need to optimize your workplace.

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