Meeting room booking

Make meeting room booking and catering easier either through Outlook as you know it or via the MyDesk app.

Easy and user-friendly booking of meeting rooms

Book meetings via mobile, Outlook, Teams or web

QR code for quick booking instead of having screens

Filter and find via 3d floor plans

Share meeting rooms with others in the building

Search, find and book meeting rooms that match your needs via 3d floor plans

With just a few clicks, you can book a meeting room that matches your needs.

Meeting room screens or QR code for entrance of the meeting room

Share meeting rooms with other companies in the building

MyDesk allows you to share your meeting room resources across companies.

Optimise meeting rooms based on data and sensors

Used daily by employees of


Meeting room booking

2.000 DKK License
kr 220 Pr. Meeting room

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Frequently Asked Questions

Outlook is an excellent tool for booking meeting rooms and we are not trying to move users to a new platform.

With our Outlook integration, employees can do exactly what they’re used to, they just get a better visual experience when searching for a meeting room. In addition, if your canteen allows it, you can also order catering directly from Outlook, mobile, Teams or web, which is not possible by default in Outlook.

We don’t make a living selling hardware but software, at the same time we are against the idea of replacing hardware that works, therefore we ensure that MyDesk works perfectly on your existing hardware. And if you want to continue using your existing software on the screens, that’s possible too.

Nothing – we don’t store your meetings in MyDesk, we store them in Exchange as you already do. We just provide a better user interface and search options than you’re used to.

Not at all, in fact we usually recommend starting up without one as the cost of buying and maintaining screens is quite high, at the same time we offer a better alternative with our QR codes that you put up outside the meeting room, after which you can quickly use your MyDesk App to see if the room is available and book it.

Yes, MyDesk is one of the only companies to have something called “Shared Rooms”, where you can give other companies access to view and book your meeting rooms. They can’t see the details of your internal meetings, of course.

Supported by your favourite tools

Whether it’s your team’s email, outlook calendar or zoom,  MyDesk works seamlessly with it. 

Easy booking of catering

Employees can easily and quickly book catering for the days they arrive, as well as for when they book a meeting room.

Offer different meals

Allow your employees to choose whether they want to book vegetarian dishes and in which time period they want to eat lunch.

Avoid food waste

Avoid cooking unnecessarily amounts of food in the canteen, but only for the people who are actually going to eat there.