Sensors & IoT

Optimise and automate your office with sensors and IoT.

Optimise the office with sensors and IoT

Free up desks and meeting rooms automatically

With the sensors, desks and meeting rooms that are not in use can be automatically released.

Do you have the right meeting rooms and offices

Measure whether you have the right size of meeting rooms and offices for the average number of people attending.

Automate bookings

If you do not want employees to make bookings but just want data on use.

Endless possibilities for optimisation with sensors and IoT

Sensors and IoT open up a new world of optimisation. Here, only your imagination sets the limits.

Optimise the office with Workplace Analytics


Sensors & IoT

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, the prices have dropped to 1/4 part compared to the sensors we had just a year ago, at the same time they are super easy to set up – you just scan a QR code, choose the table number and stick them up.

We record whether or not someone has been at the table – not who, and you can specify in MyDesk when data should be deleted or anonymised.

Yes, through our API we can aggregate data with all your other data and give you deeper analytics and optimisation in your office, heating and power usage.

Yes, given their small size, the sky’s the limit – we’re up for the challenge, so get in touch if you have something you’d like to measure.

We can measure how many people turn up for a meeting – that is, do you have the right size meeting rooms.

How many meetings are booked without people showing up?

Which meeting rooms are most used?

Do you typically book an 8 person meeting room for a two person meeting?

Report to cleaning if a meeting room has not been used – why clean it.