The story of MyDesk

Our history and the background of MyDesk

MyDesk was founded in 2019 by Henrik Jøhnk Kristensen and Jesper Bo Larsen.

Originally, MyDesk was a project created for a customer in the sister company Blue Dock , which is also owned by Jesper and Henrik.

We quickly realized that it was a solution with potential and could be used by many other companies, so it was spun off into its own company, which is now known as MyDesk ApS.

Focus on usability

Many of the other solutions on the market are characterized by being very heavy to use and not very visual, we wanted to improve this, so the visuals along with user-friendliness have played a big role from the start and something we get a lot of praise for from users.

High support and presence

We both come from the consulting industry, so we are used to delivering a very high level of service and listening to customer needs. We wanted to bring this to the SaaS world that MyDesk is in, both because it’s important for our personal job satisfaction to be close to our customers, but also because MyDesk can do something different than what we’re used to. Often it is the companies that have to adapt to SaaS products and very rarely is there much dialog after signing the contract – not so with MyDesk.

The future

MyDesk must be able to cover all employee booking needs in one platform.

However, we will continue to focus primarily on the Danish market, as this is where we have the opportunity to be close to our customers.

Henrik and Jesper

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