A unified platform for
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Gain insights and optimize the use of your office with MyDesk.

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Optimize the use of your office with MyDesk

Or call us on 6916 0382 or mail@mydesk.dk.

A unified platform for
desk booking room booking meeting catering guest registration MyDesk analytics Registration of working hours

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Desk booking
Desk booking
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Meeting room booking
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Guest registration
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MyDesk Analytics
MyDesk Analytics
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Sensors & IoT
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MyDesk mobile app
MyDesk mobile app





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Quick introduction to MyDesk

Derfor vælger virksomhederne MyDesk
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Why choose MyDesk?

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Our pricing model

Sådan foregår onboarding hos MyDesk.
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Onboarding processes

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Book a desk, plan meetings, order food in the canteen and reserve a parking space for when you arrive.
Welcome visitors in a professional manner and get data for optimization in


The possibilities are endless.
It all takes place through a user-friendly and visual platform.


Create a frictionless everyday life with freedom

Create the ideal everyday life for your employees. An everyday life full of freedom, while MyDesk keeps it structured.

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Create job satisfaction and increase productivity

The workplace of the future creates higher job satisfaction and increases employee productivity. Let MyDesk help you implement the workplace of the future in your company.

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Get data and insights into your business

MyDesk collects data about your business and gives you insights into your business that you can use to optimise your business and reduce costs.


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