Desk booking

For those with flexible, activity-based or fixed workspaces.

Easy and user-friendly reservation of desks

Available through mobile, web, outlook and teams.

QR code for quick booking and a simple overview.

Visual 3d floorplans

Branding - your colours, logo and design.

Search, find and book desks that match your needs

With just a few clicks, you can book a seat in the office or free up your permanent seat because you work at home.

Reserve lunch, parking or electric car charging while booking your desk

Optimise the office with Workplace Analytics

IoT sensors og automatic registration of employee presence

Create an intelligent workplace with endless possibilities for optimisation using sensors and IoT.


Desk booking

2.000 DKK License
kr 18 Pr. Desk

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Frequently Asked Questions

Like our application, we also like to keep our licensing simple.

We have two licensing models:
Per location:

You pay a price per location for all modules, this can typically be affordable for companies over 100 people.

Per module and number of users:

You pay per desk and meeting room that can be booked. This may be appropriate for companies with up to 70-100 employees.

See more details under prices or contact us and we will calculate a sharp price for you.

As MyDesk is integrated with Office 365 and uses their security setup, all your IT needs to do is tick the box and you’ll be able to log in.

Plus, send us your floor plans and we’ll draw them up in 3D and make sure they’re maintained when you move.

You can try it for free for 30 days and confirm that it’s as simple as we say.

All features are available in Outlook, Teams and on your mobiles.

We are where the users are, so they can work as they are used to.

In addition to our Dashboard and Heatmaps in MyDesk, we also produce custom reports to match your reporting needs.

The customised reports are often created in PowerBI.

There is a full API to MyDesk, so all data is available.