The Flexible Workspace: What does it look like?

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The modern workspace is in constant development. Across the world, more and more companies, are shifting from the traditionel workspace toward the flexible workspace.

But what does the flexible workspace look like?

The workspace of the future has an increased focus on giving employees the freedom to choose where and when they want to work. The focus is more on creating a workspace with office areas that are made for giving the employees the ability to show up at the office, when it makes sense to go to the office, but also to work from home, when it makes more sense to work from home.

This shift towards the flexible workspace places big requirements on the company technologi, offices and work policy.

MyDesk enables the company to meet these new requirements. MyDesk supports the workplace of the future through an all-in-one platform that enables flex-seating, automation, optimization and more.

The flexible workspace after covid-19

The new way of organizing the workspace gives the employees what they have been asking for, for many years. More freedom to plan their own every day.

It has, however, taken many years to get to the shift toward the workspace of the future. The Covid-19 restrictions accelerated the shift toward the flexible workspace.

Before Covid-19 most companies didn’t think flexible working would work. All employees had to show up at the office in specific time frames as it was unthinkable that the flexible workspace could actually work.

The Covid restrictions did, however, force the companies to use flexible working and let the employees work from home. It quickly became obvious that this introduced a lot of benefits andmost companies have for that reason continued using the hybrid work policy even after the pandemic is now over.

Freedom and work happiness through digitalization and trust

Some of the primary benefits the flexible workspace brings is more freedom and work happiness for the employees.

Here’s an overview of some of the most important benefits the new way of organizing a company introduces:

1. More freedom for the employees

The new way of working gives the employees more freedom in their day. By creating a hybrid workspace with principles like flex-seating and loose work hours the employees get more freedom to control and plan their own day.

If an employee has young children, then he/she can meet in later in the day, and get a more calm morning with the kids. If the employee lives far away from the office, he/she can work from home some days during the week, and save time in trafic as well as money on gas.

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Remote working

2. Increased work satisfaction

The increased freedom gives the employees higher work satisfaction. Furthermore, the flexible workspace also show the employees that the company trust their ability to structure their own day while still completing their work tasks.

This results in higher work satisfaction, less stress and in the end higher productivity.

3. Reduced costs for the company

The workspace of the future allows for significant optimization and reduction of fixed costs. With flex-seating and new IT-systems the company can drastically reduce costs for large office spaces, where the employees traditionally had to have a personal desk.

New IT-systems like MyDesk makes it possible to automise and optimize different parts of the company, which also results in lower costs. This can be optimization of cleaning or a better allocation of meeting rooms and desks.

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MyDesk mobile app

4. Increased productivity

The flexible workspace opens up for endless opportunities for increasing productivity. Corporation and innovation becomes more efficient than ever before. When it is time to focus on finishing a specific task the employee can sit at home, focus and avoid interuptions.

When it is time to work together with employees the employee can go to the office with other relevant employees and meet at the office that has been designed for cooperation and innovation.

MyDesk: Simpel platform for the flexible workspace

We have created MyDesk to support the workspace of the future. MyDesk is an all-in-one platform, that makes the workspace of the future simple and efficient.

The different functions in MyDesk

MyDesk supports the flexible workspace through the following functions:

Desk booking

Desk booking is on of the important functions in MyDesk that makes it possible for the company to use flex-seating in an efficient way.

Through desk booking the employees can book a desk at the office on the days and during the hours they plan on sitting at the office. When the employee is working from home, the desk is available for other employees.

When booking a desk it is easy to choose a desk based on where the other employees are sitting, which makes it easy to sit next to other relevant employees. Furthermore, our system allows employees to book catering and parking while booking their desk.

Meeting room booking

Meeting room booking is based on the same principles as desk booking, but with meeting rooms. This function makes it possible for employees to book a meeting room when they need one.

When booking a meeting room through MyDesk, the employee can easily find a meeting room that has the right sze and the right equipment.

MyDesk easily integrates with everything from Teams to Outlook, allowing the employees to continue using their preferred IT-system.


Through the catering function, employees can fast and easily book catering for their meetings. Furthermore, they can book lunch for the days they are showing up at the office.

Catering can easily be booked while booking a desk or meeting room.

This makes it easy for the employees to ensure that there is catering for a meeting and lunch at the office, while also minimzing food waste, as the canteen can see exactly how much food they should be making each day.

Guest registration

With guest registration the employees can give their guests a professionel and good first impression.

This function allows the employees to:

  1. Register that a guest is visiting
  2. Send notifications to the guest
  3. Book catering, a desk, a meeting room and parking for the guest
  4. Print access cards at arrival

With these functions, the employee can give their guests a good first impression, that can be the start of a good partnership.

Workplace Analytics

Workplace Analytics opens up for endless optimization possibilities. MyDesk takes all the company data and sortes it into a visual dashboard with valuable insights into how the office is being used.

Furthermore, we can create custom data rapports, if you wish to go into depth with the data and identify further optimization possibilities.

The data can e.g. be used for optimizing:

  • Power- and heat usage
  • Meeting room and desk allocation
  • Department sizes

Sensors & IoT

When using MyDesk, it is also possible to buy our sensors, which create further opportuinities for optimization of the workspace.

The sensores are just 2 milimeters thick and can be placed anywhere. The optimization possibilities are endless and only the sky is the limit.

The sensors can be used for:

  • Automatic release of meeting rooms and desks
  • Counting how many that show up for meetings
  • Register where cleaning is necessary
  • Analyzing how the office is being used

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