Why a good catering booking system is important

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For many years, business canteens has made a specific amount of food every day to make sure that there’s food enough for meetings and employees. This approach, however, results in that there some days isn’t enough catering and on other days it results in food waste.

Add to this, that remote- and hybridworking has become common. This further increases food waste, if the company does not have a good catering booking system.

This is where MyDesk catering booking system enters the picture. This function on MyDesk ensures that the canteen always know how much catering to prepare, and makes it easy for the employees, to book catering for the days, where they go to the office. As well as for booking catering for meetings.

How does the MyDesk catering function work?

The catering function in MyDesk allows the company to handle the daily catering in a simple and efficient way.

When an employees books a desk at the office, he/she can quickly book lunch in the canteen and choose what he/she wants for lunch. When an employee books a meeting room, catering for the meeting can easily be booked as well.

Furthermore, the function makes it easy for the canteen personal to plan and register, when catering is ready, delivered and cleaned up. The function also makes it easy to make orders ready for bookkeeping and to add extra-options to the orders.

The benefits of having a good catering system

Many different benefits comes from having a good catering booking system. This includes:

  • Reduction of food waste
  • The employees can book catering for the days they go to the office
  • Easy and quick booking of meeting catering
  • Control of canteen capacity
  • Easy planning for the canteen personal
  • Easy registrering of when catering is ready, delivered and cleaned up
  • Making orders ready for bookkeeping and extra-orders

MyDesk: Intuitive catering function

MyDesk catering is made for planning and handling catering in a simple and efficient manner. Controlling catering in an efficient way at the company.

With our catering function the company can run its canteen in an efficient manner, avoid food waste and ensure that there always is food for the employees meeting up at the office.

All-in-one platform for the workspace of the future

MyDesk is an all-in-one platform that ensures that the company can use the principles of the workspace in an efficient manner. MyDesk supports much more than just catering.

In addition to catering, MyDesk also supports:

MyDesk supports many more functions than just booking of catering. Read more about everything you can do with MyDesk here.

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