Guest registration: Give your guests a good first impression

Visitor registration

When you run a business, it is important, to give your guests a good first impression. You only get one chance to give a good first impression. For that reason it is important that everything is on point when a guest arrives.

With the workspace of the future that has flexible seating, and employees working from home on some days, it has become more complicated to guarantee a good first impression.

For that reason, a Guest registration system like MyDesk, is super important for the modern business. MyDesk guest registration ensures that your guests gets a good first impression.

How does MyDesk guest registration work?

Our guest registration system makes it very simple for employees to register when a guest is visiting.

When an employee knows that he/she is having a guest come over, the employee can fast and easily register that the guest is visiting. When the employee registers that a guest is visiting, the employee can easily:

  • Book a desk for the guest
  • Book a meeting room for the guest
  • Book catering for the guest
  • Book parking for the guest

When the visit is registered, the employee can send notifications with all the relevant information to the guest. Furthermore, the reception will also be ready for when the guest arrives and an access card can quickly be printed for the guest.

Benefits of having a good guest registration system

There are many different benefits of having a good guest registration system. Here are some of the primary benefits:

  • Give your guest a good first impression and a good stay
  • Efficient way of organising the visit
  • The system automatically creates an access card that the guest can print at arrival
  • Overview and log of guests that have been visiting

MyDesk: Easy and efficient guest registration

The MyDesk guest registration system is a simple and intuitive system, where everything has been tought of. Click the button below and learn more about MyDesk guest registration.

All-in-one platform for the hybrid workspace

MyDesk is made to support the workspace of the future and supports much more than just guest registration.

In addition to guest registration, MyDesk also support:

MyDesk supports many more features than just guest registration. Read more about everything you can do with MyDesk here.

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