Desk booking system for the modern workspace


The modern workspace creates increated work satisfaction, productivity and freedom for the employee, as the employee is allowed to plan their own day. The employee is allowed to control when he/she wants to work at the office and when to work from home.

This flexibility and freedom places big requirements on the company’s IT-system. Without a good IT-system chaos will occur and the employees risk showing up at the office without having a desk available or without being to sit next to important colleagues.

With a good desk booking system the company can avoid these issues. A good booking system for desks ensures that the company benefits from all the benefits of the flexible workspace.

How is desk booking used?

Desk booking is made to make it simpel for employees to book a desk on the days and in the hours, that he/she wants to show up at the office.

Through a good desk booking system the employees can:

  • Book a desk at the office
  • Plan their work schedule several weeks into the future
  • See where colleagues are sitting
  • Book a desk next to relevant colleagues

For example, if you want to come into the office every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:00 to 14:00, you can use the system to book a desk during these periods and on these days, so that you can be sure that there will be a desk ready when you come into the office. Furthermore the system allows you to see who you will be sitting next to.

Benefits of the flexible workspace with desk booking

Without a good desk booking system it is very difficult to achieve all the benefits that comes with a flexible workspace. The combination of a good desk booking system and the flexible workspace introduces many different benefits.

This includes the following benefits:

  1. Increased freedom for the employees
  2. Increased productivity for the employees
  3. The employees can plan where to sit, as well as who they will be sitting next to
  4. The company gets valuable insight into how the office is being used
  5. This combination creates a flexible, but at the same time structured workspace
  6. Big opportunities for optimizing the workspace

MyDesk: Simple and intuitive desk booking

We have created the perfect desk booking system for the modern company that have flexible workspaces.

The MyDesk system for desk booking is made to make it easy, simple and fast for the employee to book a desk. Through a visual overview of the offices the employee can choose a desk, as well as see where other employees are located.

When a desk has been chosen the employee can quickly:

  • Choose which days he/she wants to book the desk
  • Choose in which work hours
  • Book lunch from the canteen

All-in-one software for the workspace of the future

MyDesk is, however, much more than just desk booking. MyDesk is an all-in-one software platform that supports everything the workspace of the future needs to achieve succes.

Other than desk booking MyDesk also supports:

Read more about all the features in MyDesk, that supports the workspace of the future.

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