Meeting room booking system for the workspace of the future


A good meeting room booking system is important for creating an efficient workspace. Meeting rooms are some of the most important rooms at the workspace as they allow the employees to meet and coorperate.

Good meeting rooms are important for cooperation, innovation and creating progress. It is, however, not just important to have good meeting rooms – it is also important to have a good meeting room booking system that ensures that the company is using its meeting room in an efficient manner.

MyDesk’s meeting room booking system is developed in Denmark and ensures that employees can book a meeting room on demand – fast and easy.

How is meeting room booking used?

Meetingroom booking system is an internal system employees can use to book a meeting room when they are planning a meeting.

Through the meetingroom booking system the employee can book a meeting room in a specific time period, book a meetingroom depending on size and equipment, order catering for the meeting, as well as send invitations for the relevant employees.

Without a meetingroom booking system you risk that employees can’t get hold of a meeting room, when they need one. For that reason a good system is important for securing efficient usage of meeting rooms.

The benefits of having a good system for meetingroom booking

A good meetingroom booking system comes with many different benefits. For large organizations it will typically be necessary to have a meetingroom system. Here’s a list of benefits that comes with using the MyDesk meeting room booking system:

  • The employees can always get access to a meeting room when they need one
  • The employees can easily find a meetingroom with the necessary size and equipment
  • The company gets a valuable insight into how their meeting rooms are being used which makes it possible to secure an optimal allocation of meeting rooms
  • When booking the meeting room the employee can also book catering for the meeting
  • When the meeting is being planned, invitations can be sent to all the relevant employees
  • The meeting planner can add an agenda for the meeting

MyDesk: Intuitive meetingroom booking

MyDesk’ meeting room booking system is simple and intuitive. MyDesk easily integrate with IT-systems like Teams and Outlook, allowing the employees to continue using their preferred IT-systems.

With the MyDesk Add-in the employees can easily book a meetingroom without even leaving Outlook, while still having access to all the MyDesk features.

All-in-one platform for the modern workspace

MyDesk is made to support the workspace of the future and supports much more than just meetingroom booking.

In addition to meetingroom booking MyDesk also supports:

MyDesk comes with many more features than just meetingroom booking. Read more about everything you can do with MyDesk here.

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