Danish company wants to help office culture with data

Free up desks and meeting rooms automatically

With the sensors, desks and meeting rooms that are not in use can be automatically released.

Do you have the right meeting rooms and offices?
Measure whether you have the right size of meeting rooms and offices for the average number of people attending.

Automate bookings.
If you do not want employees to make bookings but just want data on use.

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Sensorer & IoT

Endless possibilities for optimisation with sensors and IoT

Sensors and IoT open up a new world of optimisation. Here, only your imagination sets the limits.

Collaboration with IoT Factory

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There’s both job satisfaction and money to be saved by running your office landscape based on data. That’s the message from MyDesk, which collects data on office usage so that employees can arrange themselves in the best possible way and the office is optimally utilized. “No one likes to walk into a half-empty office space where there are only three people sitting there,” says founder

We’re flexing between home and office like never before, but there’s a lack of tools to support this new culture. This was discovered by Danish company MyDesk, which wants to make it easy for employees to flex and at the same time illustrate to management what the company’s space needs really are. They do this with a combination of sensing sensors and booking office spaces, meeting rooms, parking spaces and cafeteria sign-ups.

“In short, we can give companies an overview of how office spaces and meeting rooms are used – and how much they are used. And then we make it easy for employees to book the office space they need during the week,” says Henrik Jøhnk Kristensen, Partner and Product Manager at MyDesk.

Data for a better culture

Henrik Jøhnk Kristensen hopes that their data tool can create a better workplace culture, for example by helping colleagues to be at work at the same time.

“No one likes to walk into an office space where there are only three people sitting. This way, it’s easier to plan so that you can sit together,” he says.

At the same time, the sensors free up office space and meeting rooms if they are not being used anyway. And it solves a familiar problem:

“You might have booked a meeting room for two hours just in case, but you only use it for 30 minutes. In this case, the sensor releases the room when it detects that the room is not being used anyway. It all helps to expand the capacity of the office,” explains Henrik Jøhnk Kristensen.

Is more space really needed?

And then there’s everything the data reveals. Because when a business is faced with the feeling of a lack of space, it may be worth pausing before expanding.

“The way we are currently designing the workplace, it doesn’t make sense to operate at full capacity. We measure how much of the office is actually used, and then the company can adjust accordingly,” says Henrik Jøhnk Kristensen and continues: “We can see that companies typically only use between 50 and 70 of their capacity, so there is a lot of money to be saved on the premises if you stop and measure. Then you can probably avoid the expansion.”

Founded two years ago, MyDesk got off to a fast start as their concept addressed many of the challenges companies were experiencing during the coronavirus pandemic. Now, the plan is to make flex-seating so easy and automatic that the system will take care of everything from cafeteria registration to automatic booking of parking and charging stations for electric cars. MyDesk is fully integrated with Microsoft, so most companies can seamlessly connect to the system.

All-in-one platform for the workspace of the future

MyDesk is an all-in-one platform that ensures that the company can use the principles of the workspace in an efficient manner. MyDesk supports much more than just catering.

In addition to catering, MyDesk also supports:

MyDesk supports many more functions than just booking of catering. Read more about everything you can do with MyDesk here.

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