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In relation to the re-opening, has chosen MyDesk for implementation of flexible workplaces in its locations in Copenhagen and Odense. Moving forward, some days will take place in the offices and others in the home work space.

The organisation has established a new hybrid model in a 2-2 system, where the employees work at the office twice and at home twice a week. On the fifth day it is optional, from where one chooses to work. About the transition to the new system director Morten Elbæk Pedersen proclaims: ”COVID has shown us all that working remotely works, but also that it is important to see one’s colleagues once in a while. In this way, we get the best of both worlds.”

Important tool in daily life

For almost twenty years, we have been able to access for general information about health and illness as well as our personal health data by logging in with Nem-ID. It is a collected offer with digital services from the public healthcare system that is used by Danish Regions, The Ministry of Health and Prevention, Danish Health Authority, regions, hospitals and municipalities in the service of citizens and health professionals. Thus, the website is an essential part of the Danes’ daily life, and especially for the last year and a half it has been an important tool for getting updates about the development of COVID and its influence on society.

Greater flexibility and adaptation

It would then seem natural, why as a workplace has considered its structures in relation to the re-opening. This is a discussion that many companies such as Codan have had to have and reach the conclusion that the old systems are no longer functional. We are proud of the new partnership with and pleased that the employees have such a positive attitude towards this new daily life of more flexibility and opportunity for adaptation for the individual which has a significant impact on wellbeing.

Is your company due for consideration of work structures and is thinking about implementing flexible work spaces, then contact Michael Ries at +45 40279941/ to get a price and hear more about how MyDesk can help your company moving forward as well.

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