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In connection with the reopening, Sundhed.dkhas chosenMyDesk to implement flexible workplaces at its locations in Copenhagen and Odense. Going forward, some days will be spent in offices and others at home.

The organization has established a new hybrid model in a 2-2 system, where employees work in the office twice and at home twice a week. On the fifth day, you can choose where you want to work from. On the transition to the new system, CEO Morten Elbæk Pedersen says: "Corona has shown us all that working from home works, but that it’s also important to see your colleagues once in a while. This way we get the best of everything."

Important tool in everyday life

For almost twenty years, we have been able to access for general information about health and illness as well as our personal health data via log-in with Nem-ID. It is a comprehensive offer of digital services from the public healthcare system used by Danish Regions, the Ministry of Health and Prevention, the Danish Health Authority, regions, hospitals and municipalities to serve citizens and healthcare professionals. The website is thus an essential part of Danes’ everyday lives, and especially in the last year and a half, it has been an important tool for keeping up to date on COVID’s development and impact on society.

Greater flexibility and customization

It seems natural, therefore, why as a workplace has taken a position on its structures in connection with the reopening. It’s a discussion that many companies, including Codan, have had to have and have come to the conclusion that the old systems can no longer work. We are proud of the new collaboration with and happy that the employees are so positive about the new everyday life with more flexibility and the ability to adapt to the individual, which has a significant impact on well-being.

If your company is also looking at the work structure and considering implementing flexible workplaces, contact Michael Ries at40279941/ for a quote and learn more about how MyDesk can help your business move forward.

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