Codan optimizes the digital office environment with MyDesk


Insurance company Codan has chosen MyDesk for digital optimization of the office environment. More than 800 employees share 406 desks which means a number of advantages for the company.

  • In Denmark, an office space on average costs DKK 60.000 a year. Thus, Codan may save a lot of money by minimizing the number of empty office spaces.
  • The employees will have more freedom to work from home which is a highly valued staff perk that improves job satisfaction as well as saves money and time. Often, we are even more productive when we work remotely than when we are in the office.
  • The climate benefits from optimized office operations due to less cleaning and energy expenditure in the buildings as well as less work commute.

Employees want to work from home

In November of last year, Codan introduced a solution with two home work days a week for half of the staff. 8/10 of company employees want to continue with at least two days of remote work per week. Hence, upon moving to new headquarters ‘Baghuset‘ in Frederiksberg, flexible work spaces have been introduced.

New daily life without fixed spaces

Of the implementation of MyDesk, CEO of Codan Christian Baltzer proclaims for FinansWatch: “We have bought the tool in order to succeed in having a new daily life without fixed spaces in the long term.” Possibly, some will continue to have fixed spaces in the office which can easily be combined with the MyDesk system, since varying work spaces do not have to apply to all employees.

Christian Baltzer sees a great potential in the improved flexibility: “We believe that the flexibility provides a greater opportunity for the exchange of knowledge and coorporation across the organisation.”

Innovative and agile work environments

Many companies expect their use of offices reduced within the immediate years. Now is the time for the consideration of change of organisational structure and the implementation of a new system. In modern office environments work spaces become teamwork spaces. Farseeing companies like Codan shift ground for innovative and more agile work environments that can be adapted to the needs of the employee.

Contact CEO Michael Ries: +45 40279941/ to get a price and hear more about how MyDesk can help optimize your company as well.

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