MyDesk 4.0 out now

MyDesk version 4.0

MyDesk has launched the next version of the application, which includes a number of improvements and features that will make it easier for management and employees to manage and reserve flexible workspaces.

In the following, we present the features of the new MyDesk v. 4.0, out now on Android and IOS.

TimeSlot Booking

Users can now make reservations down to the hourly level, where previously it was only possible to book full days.

Calendar View

The new default view for reservations. Calendar view makes the booking flow easier and more recognizable. Not only does it look familiar, but it also provides a better visual overview of reservations.


In addition to Calendar View, we’re introducing the ability to select specific days instead of just consecutive days. For example, in the previous version you had to make three reservations to book Monday, Wednesday and Friday, which can now be done with one reservation. Days can also be selected vertically, so you can mark every Monday for homework, for example.

Booking for employees

Managers can easily and quickly get an overview of where employees are on any given day through Calendar View. In addition, it is now possible to create, edit and delete reservations on behalf of employees.

Booking for colleague

If this feature is enabled, the employee can be allowed to book on behalf of their colleagues.


On MyProfile, you can set preferences regarding seat and whether you want to be notified at check-in, etc.


Previously, the application had the MyTeam feature, which has now been expanded to MyTeams. This means that users can define their teams across the organization and the same people can be part of multiple teams. It is also possible to pre-define one or more teams that are automatically updated for each employee (e.g. ‘My Department’). These teams are managed by Admin and cannot be deleted by the employee.

Preferred Seat Booking

Based on the user’s own preferences, we make reservations easier. By default, the system will try to select the space in the location and area that you have set as your preference. If the space is occupied, you can easily and simply choose another.

Scan & Book

All reservable seats are now equipped with a QR code that can be printed through MyDesk administration and placed on the tables. This serves two purposes:

1. make an Ad Hoc booking when entering the office. If you don’t have a reservation, you will be able to book the space through this feature. You will be notified immediately if and when the seat is available.

2. Check-in: If you have reserved a space and have a scanner, you can use this feature to check in to your space.

1-Click Seat Reduction

It is now possible to reduce the number of reservable seats for an area or across areas for the entire location with one click. If a space is removed from being bookable, all future reservations for that space will be deleted and the user will be notified. Spaces are systematically taken out of booking based on location and distance to surrounding spaces. The closest space will always be the next to be removed. The seats are not deleted, but simply deactivated for booking and can be quickly reactivated again.

Visual Upgrade

Minor updates have also been made to the design and navigation, especially in relation to Calendar View and booking flow.

Personalization to the individual

With the above features, MyDesk has been given an overhaul compared to user-friendliness and customizability. We hope you will embrace the changes and look forward to hearing your feedback on whether and how the application has improved the working environment and flexibility in your company.

If you haven’t taken the plunge into implementing flexible workplaces yet, the new and improved version is the perfect opportunity. Contact CEO Michael Ries at40279941/ for a quote and learn more about how MyDesk can also help your business move forward.

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