MyDesk expands to the UK


Following a successful launch in Denmark in 2020 with several large clients, MyDesk has decided to expand to the UK market.

Under management of David Wall, who has many years of experience with enterprise B2B e.g., through establishing LogBuy in the UK, the team behind MyDesk will expand the business outside of Denmark. Of the imminent establishment, co-founder and partner of MyDesk, Jesper Bo Larsen states:

While we continue to establish MyDesk as the leading product for handling flexible workspaces in Denmark, we wish to concurrently expand to the UK market, where we already have the first clients in the pipeline. There is a big, potential market in the UK with many large companies that are paying a very high rent. The companies can profitably implement MyDesk and hereby save a lot of expenses as well as achieve improved employee satisfaction. We have great expectations for this new opportunity not least for the collaboration with David who possesses the right competencies and experience for a successful launch in the UK.

Overview and flexibility

MyDesk is an application for larger companies for the implementation and administration of flexible workspaces. It was developed from the unique situation that we all had to deal with from Spring of 2020. The three founders, who between them have more than fifty years of experience in IT and business development, saw a clear need of a new and simple system for administration of flexible workspaces. There was potential for disruption of the way that companies administer their work structures. With MyDesk, the employee checks in quickly and easily with the app on their phone and announces from where they work as well as what their needs are in terms of IT equipment, space in quiet zone, canteen food, parking etc. This provides overview for management and flexibility for the employee.


With the ongoing reopening, many companies choose not to go back to the old ways and have realised that modern workplaces to a greater extent must adapt to the prerequisites and needs of the individual. Companies can successfully be organised so that every employee might do their best effort. For the last year and a half, many people have experienced that they have worked highly effectively from home and often even better than in the office. Thus, in connection with the reopening, the company can allow the employees that thrive the best with remote work to continue doing that and re-establish office work for those who have missed the more social aspects.

Companies choose a hybrid model

For some companies, a hybrid model works in which office and home work are combined. This is for instance the case with the health portal that has chosen MyDesk as its new system at the recent reopening. In a work week, the employees have two workdays at home, two at the office with the fifth day being optional. Another example is the insurance company Codan that has chosen MyDesk upon moving to new headquarters in which the number of fixed office spaces have been reduced. Thus, the company saves money for office operations, and the employees attain increased freedom with a combination of flowing workspaces and remote work.

The MyDesk application is the solution for the adaptation of the modern company to ’the new normal’ with flexible workspaces. Several Danish companies have already experienced that which will now be the case in the UK as well. Furthermore, MyDesk expect additional expansion to more countries in the coming months.

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