MyDesk expands to the UK

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After a successful launch in Denmark in 2020 with a number of major customers, MyDesk has decided to expand to the UK market.

Under the leadership of David Wall, who has many years of experience in enterprise B2B, including the establishment of LogBuy in the UK, the MyDesk team will expand the business outside Denmark. About the upcoming establishment, Jesper Bo Larsen, co-founder and partner at MyDesk, says

While we continue to establish MyDesk as the leading product for flexible workplace management in Denmark, we also want to expand into the UK market, where we already have the first customers in the pipeline. There is a large potential market in the UK with many large companies paying very high rents. Companies can benefit from implementing MyDesk and save a lot of money and increase employee satisfaction. We are excited about this new opportunity and especially about working with David, who has the right skills and experience for a successful launch in the UK.

Overview and flexibility

MyDesk is an application for larger companies to implement and manage flexible workspaces. It was developed based on the unique situation we all had to deal with from spring 2020. The three founders, who have over 50 years of combined experience in IT and business development, saw a clear need for a new and simple system for managing flexible workplaces. There was potential here for disrupting to the way companies organise their work structures. With MyDesk, employees check in quickly and easily via the app on their phone, letting you know where they are working from and what their needs are in terms of workspace. IT equipment, quiet zone space, cafeteria food, parking, etc. This provides an overview for management and flexibility for the employee.

With the ongoing reopening, many companies are choosing not to go back to the old patterns and have realized that modern workplaces need to adapt more to the individual’s circumstances and needs. Businesses can be organized so that every employee can perform at their best. Many people have discovered in the last year and a half that they have been working very efficiently from home and often even better than in the office. When reopening, the company can allow those employees who thrive on working from home to continue doing so, and re-establish office work for those who have missed the more social aspects.

Companies choose hybrid model

For some companies, a hybrid model works, combining office and home working. This is the case, for example, at the health portal, which recently chose MyDesk as its new system when it reopened. In a working week, employees have two working days at home, two in the office, with the fifth day optional. Another example is insurance company Codan, who chose MyDesk when moving to their new headquarters, where the number of fixed office spaces has been reduced. This saves the company money on office costs and gives employees more freedom with a combination of floating workspaces and working from home.

The MyDesk application is the solution for the modern company’s transition to ‘the new normal’ of flexible workspaces. A number of major Danish companies have already experienced this, which will now also be the case in the UK. MyDesk also expects further expansion into more countries in the coming months.

If your company is also looking at the work structure and considering implementing flexible workplaces, contact Michael Ries at40279941/ for a quote and learn more about how MyDesk can help your business move forward.

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