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With the ongoing reopening, companies must take a stand on whether they go back to the old pre COVID patterns or use the experiences of the last year and a half for a restructuring of the work environment. In a new study by tech developer Owl Labs, 2000 business leaders from the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark have been asked about their approach to administration of the workplace post pandemic. It shows a clear intention of making the work environment safer and more attractive for the employee by implementing the hybrid model.

At MyDesk, we have previously expressed our enthusiasm for the idea of implementing hybrid work that more and more companies take to. This increasing tendency is demonstrated clearly in the study, in which 89 % of the companies are planning a permanent hybrid work model because of the experiences during the pandemic. The model combines home and office work which then may be planned from the company’s internal structure and the prerequisites of the employees. Of the asked Danish companies, 92 % will use hybrid manpower moving forward. 62 % of the total number of leaders believe that hybrid work makes the company more profitable. Hereof, especially the leaders of larger companies (1000+ employees) support this belief with 73 %.

Planning of workdays

Regarding planning a specific number of days per week that the employees are at the office, the Danish place the highest among the asked Nordic companies with a support of 73 %. This approach is the case at, who at the reopening, as we recently announced, have chosen MyDesk for the restructuring of the workplace. In a workweek the employees show up at the office two days, work from home two days, and on the fifth day they choose wherefrom they wish to work. The implementation of remote or hybrid models has a general positive influence on the work environment and the welfare of the employees, which is the case at, where the staff is happy and satisfied with this new division of labour that prioritises the social life at the office as well as the more individually focused remote work.

Same work regardless of location

92 % of the organisations want to try out new and more progressive future work policies which include a four-day workweek, and that work can be done from anywhere. Today, many work tasks can be done regardless of location if access is given to the systems. From now on, companies will have to provide the necessary technology for employees, so that they may tend to their assignments, no matter where they are situated. According to the study, planning of work policies and infrastructure will be high priority moving forward for 93 % of organisations. This includes investing in technology and communication tools, continued social-distancing measures at the office as well as providing the necessary equipment so that the person may do the same work at home as in the office.

Optimise facilities from needs

With MyDesk, the employee announces from where they do their work on the mobile app, web, Outlook, or Teams. The company creates floor plans that may be divided into areas with specific purposes such as quiet or group work. When the employee works in the office, they book in advance and are hereby guaranteed a space in the area that fits their requirements. Concurrently, the company can optimise the office facilities from the actual needs.

At MyDesk, we find the results from the Owl Labs study highly interesting and positive, and we welcome the intentions of modern companies to adapt to the new realities to attain improved work conditions for the employees. The hybrid work model is here to stay, and we look forward to being part of it with more exciting companies nationally as well as internationally.

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