Introducing Planner: Powerful Meeting and Meeting Room Management Tool

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Simplified Meeting Planning with Advanced Technology

MyDesk has just announced the launch of their latest product, "Planner". This innovative tool is tailored to assist receptionists, personal assistants (PAs), and other professionals who manage meetings and meeting rooms. Planner gives users a complete overview of the entire week’s meeting activities and allows flexible changes to meeting plans.

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Effective Meeting Room Management

With Planner, users can easily move meetings between different rooms. This ensures optimal utilization of the company’s meeting facilities. When a meeting is moved, the person who originally booked the meeting will receive an automated email to approve the change.

Practical Examples of Use

Imagine a PA who needs to reserve a meeting room for an important board meeting. Using Planner, the PA can quickly find an available time slot across available rooms. If necessary, existing meetings can be reprioritized to other rooms, freeing up the desired room for the board meeting.

Administration of meeting catering

Meeting catering administration

Planner also offers the option to manage meeting catering. This is particularly beneficial when busy employees need to add refreshments to meetings at the last minute. Receptionists can easily add these requests directly in Planner, saving time and reducing communication complexity.

Conclusion: A Milestone for Effective Meeting Management

MyDesk Planner represents a milestone in the efficient management of meetings and meeting catering. This tool is not just an improvement on existing systems, but a complete restructuring of how meetings are planned and managed. With Planner, MyDesk offers a solution that makes the workday easier and more manageable for all employees.

Get started with Planner

For existing MyDesk customers, access to Planner is quick and easy. If you already use MyDesk’s solutions, you can easily activate Planner in your current setup. All you need to do is contact us directly. Send an email to or call your personal MyDesk contact. Our team is ready to activate Planner for your organization right away, so you can start experiencing the benefits of this flexible tool without delay.

For more information about Planner and its features, please visit our dedicated website: Here you’ll find detailed information on how Planner can transform the way you manage meetings and meeting spaces, as well as additional resources to help you get the most out of this new solution.

At MyDesk, we are committed to continuously improving and expanding our product range to meet the changing needs of the modern workplace. With Planner, we’re taking another step forward to ensure our customers have access to the best tools for efficient and agile administration management.

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