Monitor CO2 levels and temperatures in meeting rooms and offices with MyDesk

CO2 and Temperature on meeting room displays

MyDesk has launched an update that is set to revolutionize how businesses monitor and manage their office environments. This new feature in the MyDesk platform allows users to monitor temperature and CO2 levels in real-time, both in meeting rooms and offices.

Real-time Environmental Data in the Hands of the User

With MyDesk’s latest feature, users can now view up-to-date environmental data directly on their devices. This update is especially useful in meeting rooms where it’s important to maintain a comfortable and healthy environment. On the meeting screens, meeting participants will be able to see current data on CO2 levels and temperatures, allowing them to make informed decisions about whether ventilation is needed before the start of the meeting.

Customized Monitoring of Office Areas

For offices equipped with the necessary sensors, MyDesk extends its functionality to include detailed monitoring of specific areas. Employees can now view CO2 levels and temperatures in specific seats and areas directly in the MyDesk app. This granular approach to environmental monitoring means employees can customize their workspace for maximum comfort and productivity.

A Future of Healthier Workplaces

This update from MyDesk isn’t just a technological advancement; it’s a step forward in creating healthier, more sustainable workplaces. By giving employees and managers access to important environmental data, MyDesk promotes a culture of wellness and awareness of the workplace environment. This is especially relevant at a time when workplace wellness has become a key focus for many companies.

IoT Sensors: The Core of MyDesk’s Environmental Monitoring

A crucial element of MyDesk’s advanced environmental monitoring system is the use of advanced IoT sensors provided by the IOT Factory.

IOT Fabrikken specializes in delivering high-tech solutions, and in collaboration with MyDesk, they offer a comprehensive package that includes, among other things, setup and maintenance of these sensors. This synergistic alliance ensures that customers receive a seamless and efficient system that is not only accurate in its data collection, but also user-friendly in its implementation.

These IoT sensors are designed to be discreet and efficient, providing accurate, real-time measurements that are essential for maintaining an optimal working environment. With the IOT Factory’s expertise in setup and maintenance, customers are guaranteed a high level of service and reliable performance, making MyDesk’s solution one of the most advanced on the market.

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