Automatic release of meeting rooms in case of “no show”

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This update introduces a feature in MyDesk: Automatic release of meeting rooms in case of "no show".

Release for Missed Check-in

With this new feature, meeting rooms are now automatically released if no attendees show up for the scheduled meeting. Previously, if a meeting was canceled or delayed without formal notification, the room remained unused and blocked. Now, if a check-in is not registered for a meeting, the MyDesk system will automatically make the room available for other users.

Sensor-based Accessibility

For those customers who have installed sensors in their meeting rooms, MyDesk now offers even more advanced features. If the sensors detect no presence in the room at the scheduled meeting time, the system will again free the room for other users.

Dynamic Meeting Adjustment

Another groundbreaking feature is MyDesk’s ability to detect when meeting participants leave a meeting room early. With or without sensors, the system can now adjust the end time of a meeting, making the room available for other users sooner than expected. This creates a more dynamic and efficient utilization of meeting rooms.

Data analysis with MyDesk Analytics

All of this data, including meeting room usage, availability, and meeting patterns, is stored and analyzed in MyDesk Analytics. This platform gives companies valuable insights into how their meeting rooms are being used and where they can optimize.

Drive Efficiency and Optimization

This new update from MyDesk is more than just a technological improvement; it’s a step towards a more efficient and optimized use of company resources. By ensuring meeting rooms are only occupied when they’re actively being used, MyDesk helps businesses avoid waste and promote a more agile workplace.

About MyDesk

MyDesk is a leading provider of space management solutions that help businesses optimize their workplace resources. With a range of intelligent features and user-friendly design, MyDesk continues to define the future of modern workplace management.

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