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Do you need an efficient system for booking meeting rooms at your company? Or a system that can work with Outlook and offer many more features than just meeting room booking? Then MyDesk has created exactly the platform you’re looking for.

What is MyDesk?

MyDesk is a platform and app that supports intelligent management of the flexible workplace. With MyDesk, the modern workplace can offer employees a great system for booking desks, booking meeting rooms, reserving parking spaces and electric car charging stations, ordering food for the workday and meetings from the canteen, and registering guests in a professional way.

Last but not least, MyDesk also provides companies with valuable analytics and insights into how their premises and desks are being used. For example, did you know that the average office workspace is empty 40% of the time, yet many companies choose to expand their facilities because employees feel there is a lack of space? Typically, there is far from a lack of space. There’s just a lack of efficient utilization of the space that the company has.

All the valuable information and data that MyDesk provides can be used to optimize office space and reduce costs.

MyDesk – Intelligent management of the workplace of the future

Of the many features MyDesk offers, one of them is meeting room booking. However, this is just one of the many different features MyDesk offers. Here’s an overview of the different features you can use when you have MyDesk at your company.

The different functions in MyDesk

Desk booking

One of the most important features of MyDesk is desk booking. This feature provides businesses with a simple and intuitive platform for managing flexible workspaces. It also provides employees with a simple and intuitive way to book desks in the workplace.

Desks can be booked through MyDesk, the app, Outlook or inside Teams. This means that MyDesk can easily integrate with the tools employees already use.

Meeting room booking

The meeting room booking feature gives companies a simple and intuitive system to manage their meeting rooms. On the other hand, it gives employees a visual overview of the company’s meeting rooms and a simple way to book meeting rooms.

When the employee books a meeting room, they can also easily invite colleagues to the meeting and order catering in the canteen. MyDesk easily integrates with Teams Rooms and Yealink displays, as well as virtually any other meeting room display on the market.

Parking and EV chargers

When it comes to parking, MyDesk is also a great help. With MyDesk, employees can easily reserve a parking space at the same time as they reserve a desk. This way, the employee doesn’t have to drive around looking for a free space in the company parking lot.

If you have EV charging stations in your parking lot, you probably know the problem of the same car sitting at the charging station all day long. For example, if you have invested in three charging stations for your parking lot, that means that only three people will benefit from them per day. As electric vehicles become more and more popular, it’s important to find a good way to utilize these charging stations. MyDesk has solved this problem. Through MyDesk, the employee can reserve an EV parking space for a period of time. When this time is up, they are automatically notified by phone so they can move the car to a regular parking space and another employee can benefit from the charging station.

Canteen administration

Food waste is a huge problem in workplace canteens. Most canteens cater to all of the company’s employees, even though they know that around 30% of employees are typically not at work.

With MyDesk, you can avoid food waste in the canteen and save on canteen costs. Through MyDesk, employees can indicate whether they intend to eat in the canteen while reserving a desk.

This way, the canteen can only prepare food for those employees who actually intend to eat in the canteen.

Guest registration

With MyDesk guest registration, you can give your guests a warm welcome when they arrive at your reception. If one of your employees has reserved a desk or meeting room for the guest, all the guest needs to do is check in and they can go straight to where they need to be. The guest card can be printed directly from our app.

Analysis and insights

Last but not least, there’s the analytics and insights feature, which gives companies invaluable insights into how the workplace is being used. With this feature, you can optimize your office with real-time data. As an administrator, you have access to a dashboard filled with deep insights into the usage of your office.

If you want more information and data, you also get access to customized PowerBI reports where you can really dig deep into your data.

In addition to the insights that MyDesk automatically provides as your employees use MyDesk, there is also the option to install sensors around the office building that can provide even more information about how the workplace is being used, as well as more opportunities for you to optimize your workplace.

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Large and discerning customers, such as TDC, Codan and Sentia have already chosen to use MyDesk to manage their flexible and modern office environments.

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