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Over the past few years, the workplace has really evolved. The days of coming into the office at a set time every day are long gone. What’s more, many people don’t have to come into the office every day, as technology has made it possible for the majority of the population to work from anywhere in the world.

Naturally, the physical environment of the office has also changed. Here, the office has gone from fixed seating and enclosed offices to flex-seating and open offices. The latest trend is for the office to be a place where employees can plug in as needed and work alongside their colleagues.

However, for this model to work, it places high demands on the systems that administer and manage the workplace. It should be quick and easy for employees to book desks, meeting rooms, etc. while never having to worry about whether there’s room for them in the office.

This is where MyDesk comes in. Made specifically for the workplace of the future, MyDesk enables companies to have flex-seating that works efficiently and effectively to increase employee happiness and productivity.

What is the Workplace of the Future concept?

The Workplace of the Future is a concept that the workplace of the future will be open offices with an underlying booking system that allows employees to come and go from the office as they please.

In addition, the office needs to be designed with a focus on innovation, collaboration and inspiring spaces, not just moving as many permanent workstations into the space as possible.

The workplace of the future gives employees more freedom in their everyday lives, which is something employees have been asking for for many years. The workplace of the future makes employees happier and more productive.

What is desk booking and why is it important in the workplace of the future?

Desk booking is an essential part of the workplace of the future. With desk booking, employees can quickly and easily book a workspace for the days they want to come into the office.

This way, employees can book desks from home, which means they don’t have to come in wondering where to sit and whether there is any space at all. In addition, it also allows you to search for where other colleagues are sitting, so you can book a seat next to the employee who makes the most sense to sit next to. While booking desk space, you can also quickly book lunch and parking.

Workplace Analytics for optimization

Workplace Analytics is an important part of MyDesk that allows you to optimize your current office or determine if an office expansion is necessary.

As an administrator, you get access to a dashboard in MyDesk that shows all the most important information about the workplace. In addition, we can also send tailor-made reports to the company, which makes it possible to go even more in-depth with office optimization.

With Workplace Analytics in MyDesk, you can answer these questions, among others:

  • Is an office expansion necessary?
  • Do we currently have an office that is too big?
  • How are desks and meeting rooms being utilized?
  • Do we have too many jobs in one department and too few in another?
  • Do we have the right distribution of meeting room types?
  • and much more…

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