7 Benefits of the digital workplace

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The digital and flexible mindset is becoming an integral part of every business. But how is it that the digital and flexible workplace has become so popular in such a short time? And that it wasn’t just something we did during the pandemic, but that all companies continue to do it afterwards?

This is, of course, because it has been proven that there are many benefits to implementing digital and flexible principles in the workplace. Here are 7 benefits of the digital workplace.

  1. Increased flexibility
  2. Reduced operational expenses
  3. Increased productivity and efficiency
  4. Increased revenue
  5. Improved communication and innovation
  6. Better employee experience
  7. Increased performance

1 – Increased flexibility

First of all, the flexible workplace, as the name suggests, naturally offers more flexibility in the workplace. Not only does the company become more flexible in its structure, but employees also gain much more flexibility in their everyday lives. They are empowered to take control of their day-to-day lives, providing the flexibility that can take their productivity to new heights. Instead of arriving stressed early in the morning because they had to get the kids to kindergarten at 7am, parents with young children can choose to arrive a little later and have a calmer morning with their little ones at home. If you live far away from your workplace, you can choose to work from home a few days a week and save the long drive.

2 – Reduced operational expenses

With the digital/flexible workplace, there is also a real opportunity to reduce operational costs. As the requirements to move physical elements and people around are reduced, operational costs are also significantly reduced. Where once there was a need for a large IT team, driving back and forth, and unnecessarily large offices and meeting rooms, you can almost eliminate, or at least drastically reduce, these expenses.

3 – Increased productivity and efficiency

With the digital workplace also comes unprecedented opportunities for increased productivity and efficiency. It’s getting easier all the time to collaborate on projects in real-time without the need to sit in the same room or constantly meet to discuss ideas.

With the help of IT and the various digital tools, employees can get more done in less time. Whether it’s technologies that make it easy to book desks next to each other or something as simple as Google Docs that allows you to work on documents with real-time updates, it contributes massively to productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

4 – Increased revenue

The increased productivity, efficiency and flexibility also boosts the top line. Not only does it help reduce costs, but it also increases revenue. As employees become more productive and efficient, they are also able to create better results for the workplace, which in the long run should result in increased revenue.

5 – Improved communication and innovation

Just as productivity and efficiency improves, so does communication and innovation. It’s also one of the root causes of improved productivity and efficiency. As communication improves and new IT tools create new opportunities for collaboration, so does the free-flowing exchange of ideas, resulting in more innovation.

6 – Better employee experience

So, there are many economic reasons to implement the digital and flexible workplace. Of course, there’s also the primary reason, which is that it improves the employee experience in the workplace. Having happy employees is paramount and the flexible workplace results in higher employee satisfaction – if implemented correctly.

That’s because the flexible workplace gives employees what they’ve been asking for for years. More freedom in the workplace. This freedom translates directly to employee satisfaction.

7 – Increased performance

The digital workplace creates the best conditions for increasing employee performance. With all the data and tools available, companies are better able to set the right KPIs and achieve those KPIs.

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