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The development of the modern and digital workplace places great demands on the office management system in the workplace.

But what exactly should a good office management system consist of?

What makes a good office management system?

A good office management system contains several different elements, all of which play an important role in making the flexible workplace work. Here are some of the most important features:

Desk booking

First and foremost, there’s desk booking, which is crucial for employees to get their workday done. This feature simply means that employees should be able to book a desk whenever and wherever it suits them best.

Through MyDesk desk booking, employees can use a visual overview to book their desk, search for colleagues they would like to sit next to, and with one click opt for parking and lunch when booking their desk.

Meeting room booking

Meeting room booking is another important feature that is similar in many ways to desktop booking. Here, however, it’s meeting rooms that the employee needs to be able to book quickly and easily.

Through MyDesk, employees can use a visual overview to quickly see which meeting rooms are available, search for rooms with the right equipment and capacity, and then easily book the meeting room and invite the relevant people to the meeting. While planning the meeting, you can also order catering for the meeting.

Guest registration

When you have a flexible workplace, it can be difficult to ensure a professional reception of guests. However, a good guest registration feature ensures that you can still welcome your guests in a professional manner.

With the MyDesk guest registration feature, employees can quickly and easily register that they have a guest visiting. At the same time, you can book a desk, meeting room, parking and catering for the guest. When the guest arrives, the reception is ready to greet them, where they can quickly print out an access card to enter the building. In addition, you can send notifications to the guest.


With a good catering function, you can ensure easy and efficient catering for the entire company. The MyDesk catering feature makes it quick and easy for employees to choose which days they want food in the canteen and what they want.

This makes life easier for the employee, but it also eliminates food waste in the canteen, as the canteen only needs to prepare food for those who actually intend to eat in the canteen.

Workplace Analytics

Last but not least, there is MyDesk’s unique workplace analytics, which is also one of the most important features of MyDesk. In this feature, MyDesk gathers all the data collected on how the office building is being utilized, which opens up great optimization opportunities for the office.

This data is all collected in the dashboard, but in addition, it is also possible to receive customized reports that make it possible to go in-depth with the company’s data. Some of the obvious factors that you can optimize with Workplace analytics are

  • Optimal office size
  • Optimal distribution of desks across departments
  • Optimal distribution of meeting room types
  • Water, heat and power

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