Companies’ considerations when introducing flexible workplaces

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MyDesk isn’t just for those with flexible workspaces. For many of our customers, the majority of employees have fixed workstations, but MyDesk still plays an important role. The system allows everyone to see who is in the office on any given day, promoting collaboration and communication.

In addition, MyDesk can help you make the most of your office’s capacity.

When an employee who normally has a fixed seat works from home, their seat can be released and made available to others.

Customized to your company's design and office layout

Customizing MyDesk to your company’s unique design, logo and layout is crucial to the user experience. This creates a sense of consistency and familiarity, whether employees are using the solution on mobile, desktop, Teams or Outlook.

They are presented with a consistent and recognizable experience that feels like a natural extension of the company’s brand. It doesn’t feel like an external platform, but an integral part of the company’s environment.

In addition, we offer free floor plan maintenance if you need to reorganize your office.

Our research shows that this tailored approach significantly increases employee usage and satisfaction compared to a standard solution where MyDesk’s logo and colors dominate.

Design and customization is not just aesthetics, it’s central to user engagement and satisfaction.

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Companies are reluctant to introduce flexible workplaces due to fear of employee reaction.

For many organizations, changing their internal systems can be an anxiety-provoking decision. Implementing a new way for employees to work can be a big step, which discourages some from switching, regardless of whether the new system is more convenient than the old one.

MyDesk has asked employees from a number of companies what they have thought about when it comes to their business. introducing flexible workplaces.

"You are only seen when you are in your place"

In many places, the perception is still that the good employee is the one who comes first, goes last and is seen, not necessarily the one who creates the best results. When the fixed workplace is removed, this culture can change.

"You feel safe when you can come to the same place every day"

Humans are creatures of habit, and we typically sit in the same place at home and in the office. However, breaking the habit can often come with some good, and in no case have we experienced a negative response or results. However, if an employee still wants to sit in their own regular seat, they can continue to do so without any problems.

"Some groups have special needs that require fixed seats"

In some workplaces, there are groups that need special hardware or have a lot of paperwork, for whom a flexible workplace is not possible. These work functions can easily be combined with the MyDesk system, as varying workplaces don’t have to apply to all employees.

"I need to sit with my team"

Flexible workplaces don’t mean you can’t still sit with your team. MyDesk allows for rights management of locations, so for example, only finance employees can book seats in the finance department. This allows you to select specific areas for each team.

"It’s too big of a change all at once"

In some companies, we’ve found that rolling out flexible workplaces works best when it’s done incrementally. Many of our customers start by floating specific areas where you need to reserve a seat if you want to sit there. In the rest of the office, you only need to indicate whether you’re coming in or not. If you do, you can sit in the seat you usually sit in.

In a later phase, customers expand the flexible workspaces to include more and more areas where users need to reserve a desk if they want to sit there.

"I need to sit with the same people all the time"

In many organizations, specific workgroups need to sit in close proximity to each other. Originally, they were placed where they are because the people ran projects together and built relationships. The challenge in some places is that when the project group or work assignment changes, the employee stays seated because it’s convenient and cozy and not because the most ‘relevant’ people are the ones they’re sitting close to.

With flexible workspaces, you can continuously update your preferred team and reserve a desk where it’s most relevant. When you’re forced to consider your seating position, you’re more likely to sit where it’s most valuable.

"Employees don’t bother to reserve a seat before coming to the office as it’s too much of a hassle"

We’re already used to checking email, recording working hours and many other habits as a regular part of our workday. MyDesk is a very simple system that is accessible on all devices, including Outlook, iOS and Android. What all customers have in common is that they are surprised at how easy it is to use and how quickly they get used to it.

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In the above, we’ve tried to list some of the most common concerns that may arise when considering the introduction of the new system. We are happy to address any issues and provide information on how you can benefit from the MyDesk system.

Contact Michael Ries – T: 40279941/ E: to learn more and get a price for a rollout in your business.

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