Zoom in on floor plans in the MyDesk app


In a world where flexible workplaces and hybrid work cultures are becoming more prominent, MyDesk has introduced a groundbreaking feature in their mobile app that addresses unique challenges in open office environments. With the launch of an advanced zoom feature, MyDesk is transforming the way employees interact with their physical workspaces.

App Interface and Ease of Use

The MyDesk app’s intuitive user interface is designed with ease of use in mind. The minimalist design and easy-to-understand navigation structure makes it simple for users to find and reserve workspaces. The recent addition of the zoom feature in floor plans is a testament to MyDesk’s commitment to continuous innovation and customization.

Zoom function Technical Details

The two-finger zoom function allows users to see detailed views of specific areas on a floor plan. This is especially important in large open-plan offices where it can be challenging to identify available desks or meeting rooms. This technology is not just a convenience, but a necessity for navigating complex office environments.

Compatibility with Different Devices

The app is available on both iOS and Android, ensuring broad accessibility for all users. Although the functionality is consistent across different platforms, MyDesk is continuously working on optimizing the app for specific devices to ensure the best user experience.

Case Studies and User Feedback

Several case studies have demonstrated how MyDesk has improved workplace efficiency and productivity. Users have reported a significant improvement in their ability to quickly and efficiently reserve and manage workspaces, fostering a more dynamic and flexible work culture.

Integration with Other Systems

The MyDesk app integrates seamlessly with a range of other office systems, creating a holistic and cohesive workplace management experience. This integration supports a more streamlined workflow and contributes to a more efficient use of resources.

Supporting Hybrid Work Culture

In a time when hybrid working is becoming the norm, MyDesk plays a critical role in facilitating this transition. The app helps balance the need for physical and digital workspaces, enabling employees to work anywhere, anytime.

Improving Space Utilization

MyDesk’s technology contributes to more efficient space utilization in office buildings. Giving employees the tools to easily identify and reserve workspaces reduces wasted space and increases overall efficiency.

Future Updates of MyDesk

MyDesk is committed to constantly developing and improving the app’s functionalities. Future updates may include improved artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict user preferences and further automate the booking process.

Trends in Office Technology

MyDesk is part of a larger trend in office technology where digital solutions are being integrated to improve work processes. From cloud-based systems to AI-powered analytics, technology is fundamentally changing the way we think and work in modern office environments.


The MyDesk app’s latest update is more than a technological improvement; it’s a manifestation of a changing work culture. By combining user-friendly design with advanced technology, MyDesk plays a key role in shaping the workplaces of the future. With an ever-increasing focus on flexibility, efficiency and integration, MyDesk and similar technologies will continue to revolutionize how we access and manage our workplaces.

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