Add or remove office spaces with one click


In these times, where we open up further, MyDesk has made it easier to raise or lower capacity.

We have listened to our clients’ wishes and have implemented an algorithm, where the desired percent of available office spaces per location or area just needs to be entered. MyDesk will then automatically calculate which need to be made active or inactive. This ensures optimal compliance of distance and utilization of company facilities.

One example could be that the necessary capacity for May is 50% in order to abide by the distance requirements. Enter 50% and press save, whereafter half of the spaces will be removed. The percentile is gradually raised, as you wish to open up further.

Should more closedowns be necessary, the percentile is reduced and spaces are made non-accessible on the floor plan. A controlled and responsible re-opening does not get any easier than that. The feature will be made available automatically for all existing clients in the April update on both IOS and Android.

Contact Michael Ries: +45 40279941/ to hear more and get a price on rolling out the system in your company.

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