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Dashboard and Heatmaps

We believe that data is the key to creating an efficient and productive workplace. That’s why MyDesk offers you an intuitive dashboard and tailored reports that give you access to a world of optimization opportunities.

With MyDesk Analytics, you can easily see how much each space and area is being utilized. This enables you to make informed decisions about where to invest in more or less space. You can also identify which departments need more space and where there may be excess capacity.

Our platform gives you access to live data through easy-to-use heatmaps. These visual representations of space utilization help you understand how your workplace is being used in real-time. You can see where people prefer to work and where there are opportunities for improvement.

MyDesk offers tailored Business Intelligence (BI) reports that precisely match the data you want to analyze and report on. Whether it’s meeting room usage, office space or resource utilization, we can tailor the reports to fit your specific needs.

Workplace analytics
Workplace analytics

Optimize the use of your meeting rooms

MyDesk Analytics offers valuable insights into how a company’s meeting rooms are being used. The platform accurately tracks how much each meeting room is being used, allowing managers and facilities to assess the effectiveness of their current meeting room capacity.

Meeting attendance and available seats

A key aspect of MyDesk Analytics is its ability to monitor how many people actually attend meetings compared to the number of seats booked. This gives businesses a clear understanding of whether their meeting rooms are often overbooked or underutilized, which can lead to more efficient use of available space.

Analysis of no-shows from meetings

The platform also detects instances where meeting rooms are booked but not used, which can indicate a no-show problem or inefficient booking practices. This data can help reduce wasted resources and improve planning processes.

Optimizing meeting room composition

Finally, MyDesk Analytics provides insight into whether the company has the right mix of meeting rooms. By analyzing meeting patterns and space utilization, the platform can recommend adjustments to the size and number of meeting rooms, ensuring the company has the most suitable facilities for their needs.

This tool is essential for companies looking to optimize their meeting facilities and ensure efficient use of their workplace resources.

MyDesk Analytics

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MyDesk Analytics represents a revolution in workplace management, especially in times when flexibility and remote working are in high demand. This technology is not only a space monitoring tool, but also a catalyst for efficiency improvements and strategic planning.

Advanced Location Monitoring

With the rise of hybrid work environments, traditional office spaces are being challenged. This is where MyDesk Analytics comes in, offering advanced monitoring of how and when office space is used. This allows managers to understand which areas are most utilized and which may be underutilized.

Data-Driven Insights into Behavioral Patterns

MyDesk Analytics’ ability to collect and analyze data provides a deeper understanding of employee behavior and work patterns. This can be crucial to understanding how to best design the workplace to promote collaboration and efficiency. For example, data on peak usage times can help plan meetings and resource allocation.

Flexible Planning and Space Optimization

By understanding usage patterns, MyDesk Analytics can help create more flexible scheduling models. This can include customizing office space based on real needs, which can lead to significant real estate and operational cost savings.

Real-time reporting and Responsive Decision Making

The real-time reporting from MyDesk Analytics allows businesses to react promptly to changes in office usage. This is especially relevant in situations where there are sudden shifts in employee behavior or emergencies. Furthermore, this feature can strengthen the company’s ability to quickly adapt to changes in the market or internal processes.

Improved Employee Experience

An often overlooked aspect of MyDesk Analytics is the potential to improve the employee experience. By understanding how employees use their workplace, companies can create a more appealing and productive work environment. This can include adjustments to layout, lighting, or even the accessibility of common areas.

Sustainability and Cost Savings

Another key benefit of MyDesk Analytics is its ability to contribute to sustainability initiatives. By optimizing the use of physical resources, companies can reduce their environmental footprint. At the same time, they can achieve significant cost savings through more efficient use of office space.

Future-proofing the Workplace

In a world where work models are constantly evolving, MyDesk Analytics offers a way to future-proof the workplace. Through ongoing data collection and analysis, companies can stay one step ahead in understanding and adapting to future work patterns and preferences.

Integration with Other Systems

The potential of MyDesk Analytics is further increased when integrated with other systems such as building management, HR systems, and even artificial intelligence. This allows for a holistic approach to workplace management, where data from different sources can collaborate to provide a more comprehensive understanding of workplace dynamics.


MyDesk Analytics is at the forefront of a new era in workplace management. By combining data collection, advanced analytics, and real-time reporting, companies can not only optimize their physical space, but also improve employee experience, strengthen sustainability, and drive strategic decision-making. In a world of rapid change and increasing flexibility, MyDesk Analytics is not just a tool, but a key component of any forward-thinking business strategy.

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