Updated layout for info screens that now show full floor plans

Info screen showing floor plans


MyDesk has recently been working on improving and expanding the functionality of the info screen info screen, which previously only showed area drawings and meeting rooms. With the latest update, MyDesk now introduces the ability to show full floor plans and an overview of who is sitting where. This step increases the overview for employees and provides a quick overview of who is sitting where.

Details about the update

The new feature allows users to get a quick overview of available and booked workstations in real-time, simplifying the process of finding a space. With the built-in designer, you can easily choose which floor plan to display and configure whether you want to show booked seats with or without images. If you choose to show without an image, it is indicated in color whether the space is booked or available.

Collaboration with Clemens Law

This update is a great collaboration between MyDesk and Clemens Law, a company that has already implemented MyDesk’s info screens in their reception and on every floor. This collaboration has provided valuable insight and feedback that has been crucial to the development of the updated solution. With the info screens strategically placed, Clemens Law employees can now see where their colleagues are without having to spend time opening the MyDesk app.

Upcoming touch function

In the first quarter of 2024, MyDesk will take another step forward by adding a touch function to the info screen. This new feature will allow users to book seats directly from the screen, as long as the screen used supports touch. This addition is expected to make seat booking even easier for those who haven’t booked from the MyDesk app before arriving at the office.


With the introduction of displaying entire floor plans and seats on the info screen, MyDesk has taken a significant step towards making MyDesk even easier to use and get an overview of seats. The collaboration with Clemens Law has been a crucial factor in this development, and we look forward to presenting the upcoming touch function.

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