Pre-registration of guests from the mobile app

Guest registration from mobile

In a recent update to the MyDesk mobile app, a new feature has made it easier and faster than ever for employees to manage guests in the workplace. This update introduces the ability to pre-register guests, significantly streamlining the check-in process and improving the guest experience.

With the new feature, employees who have scheduled meetings with guests in the company’s meeting rooms can now pre-register these guests through the MyDesk mobile or Outlook app. The system is designed to automatically identify meetings with external attendees and offers the user the option to pre-register these guests for that meeting.

When a guest is pre-registered, the check-in process on the day of the meeting is reduced to a single step: The guest simply enters their initials upon arrival at the location. They are then automatically registered as checked in and a guest card is printed out if needed. This streamlining minimizes waiting time and improves both the safety and professionalism of guest reception.

To use this new feature, users need to make sure their MyDesk mobile app is updated to the latest version. They will then be able to start preregistering guests immediately.

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