Improvements to desktop booking in the mobile and outlook app

Updated mobile and Outlook app for deskbooking

On March 1, 2024, MyDesk is launching a significant update to its mobile and Outlook app that aims to make the desktop booking process more user-friendly and efficient. This update brings a number of improvements designed to significantly enhance the user experience by offering a more intuitive and visually appealing way to navigate and reserve workspaces.

Improved floor plan view

One of the most significant improvements is the display of the overall floor plans. Users will now also get a larger view of the subsequent area drawings, making it easier to select a specific space. This update allows users to get a clear overview of available desks and their locations, contributing to a more informed decision-making process when choosing a workspace.

Simplified Time and Facility Selection

The update also addresses the usability of time selection, lunch options and parking facilities. These improvements ensure that users can make these choices with minimal effort, resulting in an overall better booking process.

Simultaneous Updates for Mobile and Outlook

It’s worth noting that these updates are implemented simultaneously in both the mobile and Outlook app, ensuring a consistent and cross-platform experience.

Update MyDesk meeting booking

In April, an update for booking meeting rooms in both Outlook and the mobile app will be launched. This upcoming update will be presented further in the upcoming newsletter.

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