Efficient pre-registration of guests for meetings and events

Guestregistration from Outlook.

What is a pre-registration?

Pre-registration in the MyDesk guest registration system is a process where guests are pre-registered before their arrival at a meeting or event. This feature saves time on arrival and improves the guest experience by providing a smooth and streamlined registration process. When a guest arrives and enters their initials, all necessary information is already filled in. This not only speeds up registration, but also creates a sense of welcome.

Automatic pre-registration

Automatic pre-registration is designed to be efficient and user-friendly. When an employee invites guests to a meeting, these guests will automatically be pre-registered in the system. This feature removes the need for any further action on the part of the guest other than entering their initials upon arrival, making the process seamless and time-saving.

Manual pre-registration

Manual pre-registration offers a more "time-consuming" approach. Here, the employee organizing the meeting must manually specify which guests are physically attending. This method is integrated into the MyDesk Outlook add-in, making it easy to manage the guest list directly from the meeting request. A unique feature here is the ability to specify whether guests should attend the lunch. This ensures that the canteen is informed and prepared to accommodate the extra number of people at the meal.

Freedom of choice in guest registration

MyDesk guest registration system offers flexibility in guest card management. Businesses can choose whether or not to print guest cards. This adaptability ensures that the system can be customized to the specific needs and preferences of each business.


The update to MyDesk guest registration with the ability to pre-register guests, both automatically and manually, is a significant improvement that simplifies the process for both hosts and guests. This approach ensures a more streamlined experience and gives your guests a much easier registration on arrival than other similar systems.

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