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Do you need an effective meeting booking system for your business? A meeting booking system that makes it quick and easy for employees to book a meeting room, while at the same time creating structure in everyday life?

In addition, it may also be a requirement that the system works with meeting booking screens, so you always have an overview of which meeting rooms are in use and by whom?

Then MyDesk is the perfect solution for you. MyDesk is developed in Denmark and includes the best meeting booking system on the markettem.

Meeting booking system developed in Denmark

MyDesk is a meeting booking system developed in Denmark with headquarters in Vallensbække Strand. It is therefore always easy to get in touch with MyDesk if you need help.

However, if you choose to use MyDesk, we set everything up for you at no additional cost. Therefore, there are no unforeseen costs associated with choosing MyDesk.

The way the meeting booking system works is that employees can easily and quickly book a meeting room when they need it. MyDesk also integrates seamlessly with Outlook or Teams, so if the employee is used to and prefers to use these to book meeting rooms, they can continue to do so.

Meeting booking screens for overview

MyDesk integrates with Teams Rooms and Yealink displays, as well as most other existing meeting room displays on the market.

While many meeting booking systems require you to buy new meeting booking screens from them, MyDesk can easily connect to almost any screen. This eliminates the need to invest in new monitors. However, if you need new monitors, we’re happy to help you find monitors at a good price.

If you think it seems a bit unnecessary to have so many screens around the office, MyDesk also offers the option to print out a QR code and hang it up in the meeting room. Employees can then quickly scan this QR code to see if the meeting room is in use and to book it.

And many more features…

While the meeting booking system is undoubtedly an important feature, there are so many more features in MyDesk that make it the ultimate all-in-one platform made for the workplace of the future.

Through MyDesk, employees can also, among other things:

  • Book a desk
  • Order food in the canteen
  • Reserve a parking space and electric car charger
  • Greet guests professionally

In addition, the company gets access to Workplace Analytics, which opens up endless possibilities for optimizing the workplace and reducing costs.

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Do you need an efficient meeting booking system for your business? A meeting booking system that can be used for much more than just booking meetings? Then you need MyDesk. MyDesk is the best solution on the market and is developed in Denmark, which means it’s always easy to get help if you need it.

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