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The workplace changes daily. Employees are increasingly demanding more from their employers, while new technologies are creating new opportunities in the workplace.

But what does the flexible workspace look like? It’s a question every entrepreneur asks themselves all the time. You want to meet employee expectations to create a great workplace, but you also want to do it safely and well.

One thing that is certain is that the workplace of the future must nurture innovation, collaboration and productivity. But it can be difficult to figure out how to achieve this as more and more people work from different locations and the workplace becomes more free and flexible.

That’s why we’ve created this post, where we’ll go into more depth on everything you need to know about the workplace of the future.

The open office designed for collaboration

In the past, the workplace has been a place where employees had to drive to every day to do their jobs. Whether it was work that required sitting in the office in front of the computer all day or collaborating with other colleagues.

That’s not the case with the workplace of the future. Instead, the goal of the workplace of the future is for employees to come into the office whenever they want, and for the office to be designed in such a way that it is the ultimate place for collaboration and innovation.

It’s also why more and more companies are starting to shift towards open offices with flexible workspaces. Open offices create new opportunities for creative design and collaboration between all employees. The problem with open offices in the past has been that it has been difficult to create structure in the workplace. However, flexible seating and desk booking has completely solved that problem.

The workplace of the future is technology-driven

Not only is the workplace of the future an open office, but it’s also technology-driven. This means that IT will play an increasingly important role in creating an efficient and flexible office.

Despite the fact that IT has evolved tremendously over the past decades, IT in relation to office management hasn’t evolved much. In recent years, however, a lot has started to happen.

The events of the last 3-4 years have created a huge demand for workplace development and this development is here to stay.

Examples of technology that can be used to streamline the workplace include

  • Booking systems: Booking systems for meeting rooms, desks and other shared resources are one of the types of IT that will truly benefit the workplace of the future. With a good booking system, it’s quick and easy for employees in the flexible workplace to book desks, parking, catering in the cafeteria, etc. for the days they want to come into the office.
  • Data for optimization: IT in the workplace also opens up endless possibilities for workplace optimization. This can be anything from data on the need for square footage to data on how employees use the workplace. All data that can help create an efficient workplace and reduce costs.
  • Communication: In addition, there are of course IT tools for communication. You probably already know many of them. Examples include Slack, Teams, Zoom, etc. IT tools that can make communication easier despite employees working from different parts of the country or even the world.
  • Automated processes: When you use booking systems and other IT in the workplace, you also get a lot of data that can be used to automate various processes in the company. This can include heating and lighting and much more.

The workplace of the future will make life easier for employees

Our work is a huge part of our lives, so it’s important that employers design the workplace to make life as easy as possible for employees. Ideally, the workplace should make life easier for employees and encourage collaboration and innovation.

One of the obvious things you can do to achieve this is to introduce flexible workplaces where employees can choose where they work and when. It gives employees what they’ve been asking for for decades – more freedom in their everyday lives. For this to work, however, it requires a good booking system that ensures flexible workplaces give employees freedom instead of chaos.

MyDesk: Intelligent management of the workplace of the future

Here at MyDesk, we’ve created the perfect tool for the workplace of the future. Built to intelligently manage the workplace of the future, MyDesk has all the necessary features to successfully implement the flexible workplace and run a flexible workplace business.

MyDesk is Danish-developed and therefore it is always easy to get in touch with our customer service. The various features in MyDesk include

  • Desk booking
  • Meeting room booking
  • Catering
  • Booking parking and EV chargers
  • Guest registration
  • Workplace Analytics
  • And more…

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