Introduction to meeting booking through MyDesk

Meeting room

Flex seating is becoming increasingly popular as it creates a better workplace and better working conditions for employees. However, when switching to flex-seating, it’s very important to have a good meeting booking system in place so that the new work culture doesn’t compromise employees’ ability to meet and work together.

MyDesk’s meeting booking module that ensures efficient use of meeting rooms

MyDesk offers everything your business needs to follow the flex-seating principle, including efficient meeting booking. MyDesk’s meeting booking module makes it easy for employees to book meeting rooms and invite others to the meeting. It’s also easy for others to see when a meeting room is occupied. This ensures optimal use of the meeting rooms. At the same time, it allows employees to quickly and easily book meeting rooms when needed.

The right meeting room

In addition, MyDesk also makes it easy to find a meeting room that matches the needs of the meeting. Traditionally, you either had to know all the different meeting rooms or spend a lot of time trying to find the right one. With MyDesk, you can quickly and easily add the features your meeting room needs and then choose the one that matches your group’s needs. For example, you may need a large screen and space for five people. If so, simply enter this information into MyDesk and MyDesk will only show the relevant meeting rooms.

Catering for the meeting room

In addition to helping you find the right meeting room, MyDesk also makes it easy to book catering for the meeting room. Through the "meeting booking" module, you can quickly and easily add that, for example, water and fruit should be available in the meeting room on Tuesdays at 16:00. This way you don’t have to stress about remembering this and you don’t end up in the embarrassing situation of forgetting it when guests visit.

Works through MyDesk, Outlook or the app

Whether you prefer to use MyDesk on your desktop, our app or Outlook, you can use whichever system you prefer. MyDesk integrates easily with Outlook, so employees can continue to use Outlook if that’s what they prefer.

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