Efficient use of electric vehicle chargers through MyDesk “Electric Charger” module

chargers for electric cars

We’ve long had our parking module, which makes it easy and simple for employees to reserve a parking space for the days they want to come into the workplace. This eliminates the frustrating experience of employees having to search for a parking space when they arrive at work. Through MyDesk, they have already chosen where to park from home via a user-friendly map. This is especially important when using flex-seating at the workplace, as the number of people arriving can vary greatly from day to day. At the same time, this module also adds the smart feature that employees can quickly and easily choose whether they want to eat in the canteen.

Expanded with new module for chargers

It’s no secret that electric cars are becoming more and more popular and are most likely the future. This also means that there is a growing need for chargers to charge all these electric cars. If your company has invested in electric chargers for your parking lot but is finding that they are not being used optimally, we have the right module for you.

Our parking module has been expanded to ensure optimal use of your chargers in the parking lot. What typically happens is that the workplace charger is only used by one person per day. Typically, an electric car parks at the charging station at 08:00 and stays there until the end of the day when the workday ends. This means that no one else will be able to use it. It’s not particularly optimal. For example, if you have a workplace with 300 employees and four chargers, only four employees will benefit from them.

MyDesk has solved this problem so that many more people can benefit from your investment in chargers. Inside MyDesk, you can register that you have four chargers and then add them to the parking lot map. After doing this, you specify how many hours at a time an employee can use an EV charger for their car. When the time is up, the employee gets a notification on their phone app so they don’t have to worry about moving the car after X number of hours. A new employee can then drive their EV to the charger and put their car on charge.

This ensures a much better flow than companies have today and that more employees can benefit from the chargers in the workplace.

Tax-free and free charging at work

From d. On January 1, 2023, the government has decided that employees can charge their electric cars tax-free and free of charge at work. This basically means that employees can drive their car for free if they are good at charging it at the workplace.

To make it easier for businesses to install chargers in their parking lot, MyDesk has partnered with charging station provider "OK". This means that we can offer to come out and set up charging stations at your business in collaboration with OK. We are the only platform that offers this. If this sounds interesting for your business, please contact us so we can find a good solution for your business. You get this feature for free in the app along with all the other great features, including meeting booking, canteen booking, desk booking, sensor and hardware setup.

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