How a guest registration system can transform your front desk

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A visitor management system is a technology used to formally "track" visitors in your buildings or offices. A visitor could be a customer, delivery person, job seeker, contractor, consultant or the CEO’s distant cousin. Basically, anyone who isn’t a permanent full-time employee is a visitor.

1 How does a guest registration system work?

The old-fashioned version of a guest registration system is the sign-in sheet – a piece of paper that is usually kept on a clipboard or in a folder at the entrance. When a visitor arrives, they enter their name, the host, time. Then the front desk staff informs the host that their visitor is waiting in the lobby. At some point, this sign-up sheet will be archived or shredded and a new sheet will appear on the clipboard to record the next 10 or so visitors.

2. Why do you need a guest registration system?

Many companies today use this technology because of the many benefits it offers. From improving productivity and security in the office to enhancing your company’s brand image, a guest registration system is an invaluable resource.

2.1 Improved Productivity

A guest registration system helps eliminate disruption, especially in offices that don’t have a full-time receptionist. Research shows that distractions are not only annoying, but they can actually make us dumber. By minimizing these disruptions, a guest registration system can help improve productivity in the office.

2.2 Improved Security

Your reception plays a big role in your office security. That includes keeping your company’s information secure. And a guest registration system can help with that. This can help ensure that no unwanted visitors can access your offices or sensitive information.

2.3 Improved Brand Image

A guest registration system helps you create a great first impression and ensure that the brand image you have is the one you want. It helps make your visitors feel welcome and helps them connect with who they need to see quickly and efficiently.

3. What should you look for in a guest management system?

There are several guest registration systems on the market. And while they all perform the basic task of checking out visitors, they vary in the features and functions they offer. Here are seven of the most essential features to look for, based on our customer feedback:

  • Customized Check-in Process
    You probably have more than one type of visitor, and they don’t all have to go through the same check-in process.

  • Visitor logs and reports
    : A visitor management system should allow you to easily create and view reports of your visitors.

  • Ease of use
    : The system should be easy to use for both your employees and your visitors.

  • Hardware support
    : The system must support the hardware you have, such as a tablet for check-in or a printer to print visitor badges.

  • Security : Security
    : The system must have appropriate security measures in place to protect your visitors’ information to comply with GDPR.

  • Customer support
    : If you have problems with the system, you should be able to get help quickly in your own language.

4. How Can a Guest Registration System Transform Your Front Desk?

A guest registration system can help transform your reception in several ways.

4.1 Automating the Check-in Process

By automating the check-in process, a guest registration system can help free up your receptionist to work on other things. This means they can focus on other important tasks instead of worrying about checking visitors in and out.

4.2 Improving the Visitor Experience

A guest registration system can help improve your visitors’ experience by making the check-in process quick, easy and efficient. It can also help make them feel more welcome by giving them a personalized welcome message.

4.3 Improving Security

By giving you a clear overview of who is in your building at any given time, a guest registration system can help improve security in your office. It can also help ensure that only authorized visitors can access your offices.

4.4 Improving Reporting and Compliance

A guest registration system can provide you with detailed reports of your visitors, which can help improve your reporting and compliance. It can also help ensure you comply with any legal requirements for visitor management.

5. Conclusion

Guest registration systems are an invaluable resource for any business. They help improve productivity, security and brand image, while making it easy to keep track of who visits your office. With the right guest registration system, you can transform your reception and give your visitors a better experience.

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