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Are you looking for a great meeting system to manage the booking of meeting rooms, desks, parking spaces and other shared resources? That’s exactly what MyDesk is designed to do – and more.

As more and more companies shift to the flexible workplace, the demands on their desk booking system are increasing. However, it’s not just desktop booking that is required. As employees are given more freedom to decide where and when they want to work, much more than just desk booking needs to be considered in the system.

That’s why we at MyDesk have developed the perfect system that 100% supports the flexible workplace. MyDesk has all the features your business needs – and more.

Booking meeting rooms and desks

One of the cornerstones of MyDesk is of course the meeting room booking and desks feature. These features are essential to the everyday functioning of the flexible workplace.

When employees are given the freedom to manage their own working hours and where they want to work from, it’s important that the company has a good system that makes it easy for employees to structure their workday and book desks/meeting rooms as needed.

MyDesk is designed to make it super easy for employees. With a visual overview of the office, they can choose where they want to sit and when they want to sit there. In addition, they can also opt-in to things like parking and food in the cafeteria.

Booking parking spaces and electric car chargers

When the employee knows he or she has to come into the office, booking a parking space is also an option. The employee can easily do this while booking a desk.

This avoids the hassle of searching for a parking space and the fear that the parking spaces will be fully occupied when you arrive. While you can choose your parking space, you can also book an electric car charger if the company has invested in it.

Generally speaking, EV chargers in commercial parking lots are not used optimally at all. Typically, the company has four chargers but hundreds of employees. Without a system to optimize the use of these chargers, only four of the hundreds of employees will benefit from the charger. Through MyDesk, employees can book a charger for a specific period of time. When the time is up and their car is charged, they receive a notification so they can move their car to another parking space and another person can benefit from the car charger. This creates a much better flow and ensures that many more people benefit from the car chargers the company has invested in.

Booking food in the canteen – avoid food waste

Another important feature of MyDesk is the ability to order food in the canteen. You can also do this quickly and easily while choosing your desk.

The most important thing about this feature is that it avoids food waste in the canteen. Right now, most corporate canteens cook for all their employees, even though on average 30% of employees are out of the office. This results in a huge amount of food waste every single day. This is avoided with MyDesk, as the canteen knows exactly how many people they need to cook for every single day.

Professional guest registration

Another important feature of MyDesk is that you can greet your guests professionally. Some companies making the switch to the flexible workplace may find it difficult to keep on top of guest registration. We have also solved this at MyDesk.

Inside MyDesk, the employee can register that one or more guests are coming to visit. The employee can book desks, meeting rooms, food in the canteen and parking space for the guest. In addition, guests will be welcomed at reception, where you can also quickly print out a guest card for them using a simple printer.

Workplace Analytics – Data and Insights

Finally, there is the powerful Workplace Analytics feature. This feature gathers all the data that flows through MyDesk about your business and brings it all together in a clear dashboard.

Here you get a deep insight into your business, making it possible to optimize your business and reduce costs. This can include optimizing premises, heat, electricity and processes. The possibilities are endless. If you want to analyze more data than what you see on your dashboard, we can also create and send you custom PowerBI reports.

And much more.

These are some of the main features of MyDesk, but there’s much more to MyDesk than that. For example, we can also help with info screens or install sensors at your location.

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