Auto-booking of desk spaces

Autobooking of desk at the office.

In a world where flexibility and efficiency are key, we’re introducing a new feature: desk space auto-booking.

What is auto booking?

Autobooking is a feature that allows MyDesk users to set up automatic booking of a specific desk space on fixed days. For example, if a user regularly works in the office every Tuesday and Thursday, they can configure the system to automatically reserve their preferred desk space on those days.

Time-saving and efficient

One of the main benefits of auto booking is time saving. Users don’t have to manually book a seat every time they come to the office. This ensures a smooth and worry-free workday where they only need to focus on work, not on booking seats.

Flexibility when working from home

Autobooking is designed with flexibility in mind. If a user chooses to work from home on a day when a desk space has been autobooked, they can easily change their status to "working from home". This automatically cancels the booked space, making it available for other colleagues.

Beneficial for regular office users

For those users who consistently work from the office, autobooking ensures that their preferred space is always reserved for them. This contributes to a sense of continuity and personal organization in the workplace. It also helps colleagues locate each other as they can see where each other is sitting via MyDesk.

Administrative control

The administrator of MyDesk also has the option to control the autobooking feature. This means they can set up automatic bookings for specific people and control whether users have the ability to make auto-bookings themselves. This control can be useful if your company has a policy that requires users to manually select a seat.

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