Capacity utilization: Optimize office space with MyDesk Desk Booking

In a time when the working landscape has undergone significant changes, flexibility and efficiency play a crucial role in modern workplaces. MyDesk, an easy-to-use desktop booking platform, has drawn attention as a key player in helping businesses optimize their office space and resources. In this article, we will explore how MyDesk helps to optimize office capacity and create benefits for both employers and employees.

Release of locked seats

Traditionally, many employees have had fixed workstations in the office. But with the development of flexible working models that include working from home and remote work, it’s not always necessary to have a fixed workspace. This is where MyDesk comes in. The platform allows employees to reserve their workspace in advance and release it when working from home or on the go.

This frees up stuck spaces and makes them available for other employees who may need a temporary workspace. This means that the office can be fully utilized even when some employees are not physically present. This capacity utilization can lead to significant savings for businesses by reducing the need to maintain unnecessarily large office spaces.

Better resource allocation

MyDesk goes beyond just releasing locked-in seats. It also allows companies to gain a deeper insight into how office space and resources are used. By tracking employee bookings and activities in the office, businesses can identify patterns and trends. This allows for more precise resource allocation and customization of office spaces as needed.

For example, if it turns out that certain areas or facilities are rarely used, the company may consider restructuring the office layout or even reducing the overall office space. This not only leads to savings, but also to a more efficient use of available resources.

Promotes collaboration and communication

MyDesk allows all employees to see who is in the office on any given day. This promotes collaboration and communication by making it easier for colleagues to know when to expect to see each other in the office. It can also be a valuable resource for organizing meetings or collaboration sessions, as employees can easily find and reserve seats closer together if needed.


The MyDesk desktop booking platform is proving to be a valuable resource for businesses looking to optimize their office space and resources. By freeing up stuck seats, improving resource allocation and promoting collaboration and communication, MyDesk helps create a more efficient and flexible workplace. This results not only in financial savings, but also in an improved work experience for employees, who can customize their workday according to their preferences and needs. MyDesk illustrates how technology can empower the modern workplace and provide benefits across the organization.

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