Danish IT companies are gearing up for more working from home

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As IT Watch recently reported, more IT companies expect employees to work more from home.

People working from home is nothing new, but businesses adapting to it is a paradigm shift that MyDesk fully embraces. Companies like Atea and Columbus expect to cut down on square footage, and Visma wants to redesign the office in a completely new way. We’re finally at a point where organizations are breaking away from the traditional way of doing things and adapting, which will benefit both employees and the business.

At MyDesk, we specialize in helping businesses make this shift. Implementing flexible workplaces needs to be controlled and at a pace where employees can keep up and adapt. Otherwise, it may be met with resistance rather than a positive attitude. That’s why the MyDesk application is designed so that features can be used on an ongoing basis.

We typically find that customers initially just want employees to indicate whether they work at home or in the office, and then are later introduced to the option of booking a specific seat in the office and possibly lunch. Employees can easily log in via the mobile app, whether they use iOS or Android.

In the reopening phase, it is the ability to scale capacity up and down that is most in demand, due to the uncertainty of the direction of the recommendations. This feature will be implemented in the next update of the app, which will be released soon.

Contact Michael Ries – 40279941/mr@mydesk.io to learn more and get a price on deploying MyDesk in your business.

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