Danish IT companies prepare for more remote work


As recently stated in IT Watch, more IT companies expect their employees to work more from home.

That people are working from home is nothing new, but companies adapting to it is a paradigm shift that MyDesk welcomes fully. Companies such as Atea and Columbus expect to reduce the number of square meters, and Visma want to arrange their offices in an entirely new way. We are finally in a situation where organisations break with the classic ways of arrangement and adapt which will benefit employee and company alike.

At MyDesk we specialize in helping companies with this shift. Implementing flexible work spaces must happen in a controlled manner and in a tempo where the employees can keep up and adapt. Otherwise, it can be received with opposition rather than a positive attitude. That is why the MyDesk application was developed so that features can be employed continuously.

Typically, we experience that clients initially just want the employees to announce whether they work from home or at the office and then later be introduced to the option of booking a specific space in the office and possibly lunch. The employees may easily log in on the mobile app whether they use IOS or Android.

During this re-opening fase, it is the option of lowering or raising capacity that is the most requested due to uncertainties of which direction recommendations will go. This feature will be implemented in the next update of the app that will be out soon.

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