Typical challenges of meeting room booking with Outlook

Booking of meeting rooms from Outlook

Booking meeting rooms is a crucial task in any organization, but it can also be a source of frustration. From double-booking to underutilization of space, there are many challenges that businesses face. In this article, we’ll dive into some of these challenges and suggest solutions to improve the meeting room booking process.

Outlook as a Meeting Room Booking Tool

Microsoft Outlook is known as an excellent email tool, but as a tool for scheduling and booking meeting rooms, it has some limitations. Let’s take a closer look at some of these challenges.

Double booking of meeting rooms

One of the biggest challenges with Outlook is the risk of double booking. Unfortunately, Outlook allows multiple users to reserve the same room at the same time. This can result in more annoying interruptions and employee dissatisfaction.

Missing Overview of Assets in the Room

Another limitation of Outlook is that it doesn’t allow employees to see what assets are in the room they are booking. This can be problematic when, for example, you need to hold a meeting with a certain number of participants and need specific equipment.

Limitations in Room Reservation

Outlook only allows employees to reserve meeting rooms. This can be a challenge, especially in modern workplaces that include activity-based working and companies where meeting catering is also available.

No Insight into Space Utilization

Finally, Outlook doesn’t provide access to data or insights into actual space utilization. Without this data, businesses can struggle to identify and solve space utilization issues.

How Can Room Reservation Software Solve These Challenges?

Room reservation software like MyDesk meeting room booking can help solve many of the challenges associated with booking meeting rooms.

Preventing double booking

When a room is reserved in MyDesk, it will appear as unavailable to anyone who has access to the solution or who has the MyDesk Add-in installed in Outlook. This eliminates the risk of double booking.

Ready Information about Activate

With MyDesk meeting room booking, employees can view details about the room they’re booking. This includes the size of the room, the number of chairs and equipment available, as well asany meeting catering available in the chosen meeting room and time.

Greater Flexibility in Room Reservation

MyDesk also allows employees to reserve different types of spaces, not just meeting rooms. This can include desks, collaboration areas and quiet zones.

Data-driven Insights into Space Utilization

One of the biggest benefits of MyDesk is the ability to access data and see actual space utilization in MyDesk Analytics. This can help organizations identify and solve space utilization issues.


Booking meeting rooms can be a challenge, but with the right tool, the process can be significantly improved. By switching from Outlook to MyDesk, companies can solve many of the challenges they face and create a more efficient and satisfying booking process for all employees.

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