New Catering Application for Meeting Catering Management

Catering administration fra desktop

In a busy world where meetings and conferences are an integral part of business life, it’s crucial to have a smooth and efficient way to manage meeting catering. MyDesk, a leading provider of workplace management services, has just launched their new mobile and desktop application, MyDesk Catering App, which makes it even easier to manage meeting catering in a professional and user-friendly way.

A Long History of Meeting Catering

MyDesk has long offered a solution for ordering meeting catering through their platform and via an Outlook add-in. This has allowed employees to order catering for meetings and events in a quick and convenient way. At the same time, canteen staff have been able to manage meeting catering and ensure everything runs smoothly, from preparation to delivery and follow-up.

Book catering and meeting rooms directly from Outlook

Easier and Smoother Than Ever Before

Catering administration fra desktop.

With the launch of the MyDesk Catering App the company is taking the next step towards streamlining and improving the entire meeting catering process. The application allows canteen staff to assign catering to the employees responsible for delivering it. This creates clarity and makes it easy to track who is responsible for what.

Canteen staff can also easily change the status of meeting catering in real-time. They can mark when it’s prepared, delivered and when the task of cleaning up is complete. This creates transparency and ensures that meeting catering is delivered according to expected schedules and standards.

Flexibility and customization

One of the most notable features of the MyDesk Catering App is its flexibility. Canteen staff can customize orders and add products as needed directly from the application. This is especially useful when there are special events or meetings that require products not found in the normal product catalog. For example, if special products are needed for a board meeting, the canteen can easily add them to the order and ensure they are delivered and subsequently invoiced to the relevant boarding center.

Cateringhåndtering - mobil app

Developed in collaboration with the Selfinvest Group

Developed in close collaboration with the company Selfinvest, the MyDesk Catering App has resulted in a user-friendly application that meets the needs of both employees and canteen staff.

Assets Used in the Group

The MyDesk Catering App has already become an integral part of the work routine for all employees and canteens in the group. This application has made meeting catering management more streamlined, flexible and efficient than ever before – Read the case study here.

In a time when time is precious and efficiency is crucial, the MyDesk Catering App gives businesses the tools they need to manage meeting catering with ease and professionalism. This new application changes and streamlines the way companies can manage meeting catering, making the entire process smoother and more seamless.

MyDesk continues to deliver innovative solutions that help businesses optimize their workplace management, and the MyDesk Catering App is an important milestone in that direction.

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