The benefits of using MyDesk for catering

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Catering is an important part of many companies’ everyday life, especially for meetings and events. By using MyDesk to handle your company’s catering needs, you can enjoy several significant benefits that can both optimize your processes and improve the overall meeting experience.

Efficiency and effectiveness

Mydesk offers a centralized solution to handle all aspects of your company’s catering needs. From choosing menus to coordinating delivery times, you can do it all from a single platform, saving time and reducing stress.


With Mydesk, you can easily customize your catering for different meetings and events. Whether you need a light breakfast buffet, a packed lunch or snacks for an afternoon meeting, Mydesk Catering offers a wide range of options.

Financial overview

Mydesk gives you full transparency over the cost of your catering. This makes it easy to keep track of expenses and contributes to better budget management.


Because Mydesk is an integrated solution, you can coordinate your catering with your meeting planning activities. This helps ensure that everything goes as planned and that your catering arrives at the right time.

Better meeting experience

By ensuring your catering is of high quality and delivered on time, you can contribute to a better meeting experience. Food and beverages play an important role in creating a great atmosphere, and with Mydesk you can ensure that this aspect of your meetings is taken care of efficiently.

In summary, Mydesk can make your company’s catering needs simpler and more manageable, freeing up time to spend on other important tasks. So the next time you’re organizing a meeting, let Mydesk handle the catering part – so you can focus on what really matters.

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