SMS support in guest registration

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MyDesk Guest Registration now enables direct SMS text message notifications to hosts upon guest arrival. This new feature is designed to improve communication between the host and their guests, ensuring a more streamlined and efficient check-in process.

With the new extension, hosts will receive a text message when a guest checks in at the location, supplemented by a classic email notification. This dual notification system ensures that hosts can receive messages through their preferred communication channels and respond accordingly.

This enhancement to MyDesk’s guest registration system is a response to customer demand for more flexible and accessible communication methods. Integrating SMS notifications expands the usability of the system and offers a more customized experience for both hosts and guests.

Further updates to MyDesk Guest Registration are planned for later in 2024, when MyDesk will introduce mobile notification capabilities. This update will offer another layer of convenience and customization, allowing customers to choose the most convenient way to receive updates about their guests’ arrival.

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