Integration between MyDesk Catering and Opus

Opus integration to MyDesk Catering

On March 1, MyDesk introduces an integration with the Opus financial system. This update offers automatic transfer of meeting catering costs directly to your company’s financial system, creating a more efficient and automated process for re-invoicing costs.

The integration between MyDesk Catering and the Opus financial system is designed to address the administrative challenges companies face when managing meeting catering costs. By automating the transfer of these costs, MyDesk ensures that companies can save time and reduce accounting errors that can often arise from manual entry.

Key benefits of integration

  • Automate processes: The new integration automates the process of re-invoicing meeting catering costs, eliminating the need for manual entry and minimizing the risk of errors.
  • Efficiency improvements: The integration enables a more streamlined accounting process
  • Improved accuracy: The automation ensures that the data transfer between MyDesk Catering and the Opus financial system is accurate and up-to-date, contributing to better financial reporting and overview.
  • Easier access to data: The integration allows companies to easily access and analyze meeting catering costs, supporting more informed budget decisions.

How does it work?

The integration works by registering and calculating costs related to employees’ meeting catering orders in MyDesk Catering and then, without further manual intervention, sending them to the Opus financial system. This ensures an efficient and error-free process from ordering to posting costs.

How do we get started?

If you use Opus and want an integration to MyDesk Catering, please send an email to or call 6916 0382. MyDesk’s support team will then contact you and arrange a meeting.

During this initial dialog, MyDesk experts will guide you through the process of setting up the integration between MyDesk Catering and your Opus financial system. This includes a review of the technical requirements, security aspects and customization of the integration to match your company’s unique operating environment.

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