MyDesk improves the meeting booking process in Outlook with a visual overview

Outlook room finder integration

MyDesk is pleased to announce an important update to our Outlook Add-in, which now offers a visual overview of meeting rooms directly in Outlook.

Traditionally, many users have relied on Outlook’s standard calendar to book meetings, but have experienced challenges finding the right meeting room that matches their specific needs. This has often resulted in booking oversized or unsuitable spaces, in addition to employees wasting valuable time navigating the options.

With the latest update, we’re introducing a solution that gives users the best of both worlds. Users can continue to book their meetings through the familiar Outlook calendar, while benefiting from MyDesk’s advanced features to select the most suitable meeting room. This new layer of visual overview and interactivity ensures that users can easily identify and book a meeting room that closely matches their requirements without having to spend unnecessary time searching.

For companies that offer meeting catering, this update also integrates the ability to book catering with the meeting room. This ensures a more streamlined and efficient planning process where everything can be handled from one place.

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