Simple and efficient lunch planning with MyDesk Catering

Book catering after demand and avoid food waste

With MyDesk meeting catering, your employees get an easy and recognizable booking experience, without the need to leave Outlook and the meeting they are already booking.

The module gives you advanced options to provide employees with a menu that takes into account location, room, time and much more. The module also handles moving, changing and canceling meetings and ensures all relevant people are up to date.

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Easy management of meeting reservations for canteen staff

Our platform makes meeting catering management simple and straightforward for canteen staff. They can easily see what meeting catering needs to be delivered, when it needs to be delivered and by whom. Plan and record the status of the delivery, including prepared, delivered and cleaned. This gives you full control over the catering process and ensures everything runs smoothly.

Through the canteen app, canteen staff can add products to an order that are not normally on the menu and ensure these are also included in further internal invoicing.

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Ensuring a tasty and nutritious lunch for employees can be a big challenge for businesses. From choosing the menu to coordinating delivery, lunch planning can be a time-consuming task. That’s where MyDesk Catering comes in, offering innovative solutions to simplify the process and improve employee dining experiences.

Simple Menu Selection

MyDesk Catering enables a wide range of menus to choose from and makes it easy for employees to order a wide and customized range of menus to suit the time, meeting room and meeting point.

Automated Ordering

With MyDesk Catering, companies can easily automate their lunch orders and meeting catering. This intelligent system reduces manual effort and time by allowing preset menu choices and regular delivery schedules. Automation also reduces the likelihood of errors, ensuring a more efficient and error-free lunch experience for both employees and management.

Early Planning

MyDesk Catering offers the ability to plan lunch meals well in advance. This ensures that lunch always arrives on time and no one goes back to work hungry. Early planning is especially important for businesses with busy schedules and tight deadlines, as it helps avoid last-minute stress and confusion.

Easily coordinate delivery

MyDesk Catering optimizes delivery coordination with the easy-to-use catering app. This includes the logistics of having meals delivered to different departments or at different times of the day, depending on the needs of the business. Their reliable and efficient app ensures that every employee gets their lunch or meeting catering on time, no matter where they are in the company.

Data insights

A unique feature MyDesk Catering offers is data insights into employee eating habits. This data is collected through the system and can provide companies with valuable information about employees’ food preferences and nutritional habits. These insights can help management make informed decisions about menu choices, health initiatives and even budget planning for the company’s catering needs.

Benefits of MyDesk Catering

  • Health and Wellness: By offering a selection of healthy options, MyDesk Catering supports the overall health and wellbeing of employees. This can lead to increased productivity and lower sick leave.
  • Satisfaction and Morale: A tasty and varied lunch menu can increase employee satisfaction and morale. This is especially important in today’s competitive labor market, where companies are looking to attract and retain talent.
  • Time saving: Automation and efficient scheduling saves valuable time for both employees and managers. This gives employees more time to focus on their work, instead of worrying about their next meal.


With MyDesk Catering, lunch planning becomes simple and efficient. By automating processes and offering a wide range of options, the MyDesk Catering application helps companies ensure their employees always have access to the healthy and delicious food your canteen offers. This service not only improves the daily lives of employees, but also boosts the efficiency of the canteen.

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