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Hopefully, we can start to return to the office soon, but are companies ready?

Society slowly starts to re-open, and employees return to the offices. At first, we still need to keep distance, and not everyone can return at once. And so, the opening will take place with limited office capacity.

That is how it worked last summer as well. Thus, many companies have been there before, but are we to use yellow post-its on the desks that may be used as well as attempts with Outlook calenders, or can it be done in a smarter way this time?

Last year, we rolled out MyDesk with many companies and helped them through with a more secure and flexible re-opening. With MyDesk the employees have already booked a desk from home for instance on IOS or Android, and the organisation can adjust the capacity responsibly.

But MyDesk is not just a tool for handling distance and secure re-opening. The system is fully effective, once everyone in principal is ready to come back to the work place and more choose to work from home. Why should all employees for instance have a fixed desk that is available several days a week?

We provide the flexibility to work from anywhere while the company saves money on rent. Check our guides to see the many uses of MyDesk.

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